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      Hi everyone,
      often times in society single and/or young mothers are bombarded with the negatives, the criticism, and the spitefulness from others that come with it, making it really hard to look in the bright side. So, I thought I’d put up some of those, so that hopefully, when we’re having down days, it can lift us up.

      – Our metabolisms are higher, making it easier to lose that baby weight.

      -Having a child can be a great motivator for us to stay on the right track and acheive our goals, we’re not only doing it for ourselves anymore, we’re doing for our babies.

      -They say that 40 is the new 20, and so in our 40s we’ll have time to take that vacation, go back to school for a career change if we want, have a great social life, and live more for us during our midlife crisis, and not feel guilty because our children ( hopefully) will be mostly on their own and self sufficient.

      -we’ll take care of ourselves during and after pregnancy, becuase we all know that we can’t take care of our children if we don’t take care of our own basic needs, something many people don’t learn until later in life.

      -We have more energy to play with our kids, chase after them ,and for the sleepless nights.

      -If your parents are supportive, the grandparents have more energy and spark for helping out.

      -We have the chance everyday to change a negative stereotype and a lifetime of helping other women who are following behind us.

      -We can be proud that although we may have made one mistake, we are chosing not to let it snowball into a lifetime of them.

      -Increased confidence.

      -Although we may lose freinds or stray from them, our freindship with our real freinds becomes even stronger.

      -Confidence. If we can give birth and raise a happy and healthy child even if the odds are against us, we can do anything.

      – unlike many people in their 20’s and thirties, we’ll have something to live for besides our job, partying, money, having the nicest car, keeping up with the Jones’ ect. and, no matter how bad things get out there, no matter how much we hate our jobs, co workers, ect, we’ll always have something worthwhile an appreciative to live for.

      -If you’re single, having a child is like having the men you date automatically screened. if their not good enough for your baby, their not good enough for you. If your not single, the child will bring you two all that more close together, or show that the relationship wasn’t meant to be. Either way, it’s better to know sooner than later.

      -More and more grant, scholarship, and financial aid money is being created and given for young mothers who want to continue to higher education.

      We all know that parenting at any age isn’t easy, and those in our situations have it even harder. I’m not saying that it’s all easy and carefree. but the hard parts are usually the easy parts to remember.
      Hope this helps on the tough days. if you have anything else, Add it to the list!

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