The father of my child does not do his part!

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      I need Advice the father of my child has not supported me at all he lives 5 mins down the road and since my daughter has been born he has seen his child maybe around 7 or 8 times and she is 1 yr and 1 month old, he says its because of work commitments because he works night shifts from Sunday until Friday evening basically Saturday, but what gets to me is he has time to go to record some songs and to sit around his mates get drunk and do drugs e.g. weed and coke every now and then.

      I have no time to do what i want and when i ask him can you look after her for even two hours we have an argument about it and the thing is he knows i have the support of my mum and dad because i am living with them and my child and i think thats most of the problem, because he thinks that because i have support from my parents that he don’t need to bother well thats how i am looking at it anyways.

      I just feel like he has not given this a chance and is not interested but the thing is when i say “look its obvious you are not interested” he says he is, and he wants to see Carmen and he apparently gets depressed when he does not c her for some time but i don’t believe that, i just think he generally just does not want to give up his freedom of what he has out of work and he does not want to change his behavior i have had enough and i really do not know what to do about it please help!!!!!


        He seems to need a wake up call on life and has been living for what he wants and not taking responsibility. Perhaps you need to consider whether you even want him in your daughter’s and your life? Will he be a good influence and protect the safety of your child (in more than just physical ways)? I don’t exactly know what to do in these different cases, but consider. How hard and frustrating! Please write back if you need to talk more.


          i think you should tell him if hes not going to be their for your daughter part time then he cant be their at all. so he can either make a decision on seeing her on the weekends or never seeing her again. because thats how you feel that hes not there much so he may as well not be there at all. and if he walks away, you can always keep your head help high and you know you dont need a man to rely on. but i also dont feel as if he would leave what man would leave their child to be raised without a father. only time will tell and he should come around eventually when he comes to his sences and realises his FAMILY needs him.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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