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      Hi all, I am here to talk about one of the main head-lining articles on this web page “ called “The Bitter Pill.” I personally had experienced this nightmare, I had a chemical abortion, which is the bitter pill. I will tell you exactly happens to your body with this procedure. Most girls/ women choose to have this procedure when in pursuant of an abortion because it so calls resembles a miscarriage. I’m here to tell you that is wrong! It is worse! My personal experience started in the abortion clinic, after hours of waiting I get blood work done and then a sonogram to determine how far a long my pregnancy is. I was 24 hours away from the deadline of having a chemical abortion, but they proceeded anyways. I got a shot in my hip and I was given two packet’s that each contained 4 pills that were supposed to be inserted into the vagina 48 hours after the shot. The shot is design to prevent the fetus from growing and the pills makes your cervix dilate to start your period. I believe it is one of the worst experiences any one can go through… Not only do you feel sick once you get the shot, but you already feel incredible guilty. Once it is time for you to enter the vaginal pills all hell breaks loose “literally”. The first thing that happens is that you get horrible cramps like you have been kicked in the stomach a few times, then you break out into cold and hot hives, you can’t stop shaking. I was lying on my bathroom floor, in between vomiting, having diarrhea and heavy bleeding. I remembered thinking to myself that I was dying. At that point I didn’t care, I welcomed death for what I had done to my unborn child, to me it only seemed fair that I die along with my child. I didn’t die I survived, but my child did not. I was bed ridden for 2 weeks after the fact and doped up on vicoden for the horrendous pain which paled in comparison to the depression that followed. I also had a heavy period for a month. I just couldn’t do anything but cry and lay in bed over the guilt and emptiness that consumed me. My emotional story is on the post re: regretting abortion by Scorpi266. I feel it is my duty to tell my story if it can help others. With Love and Hope, Falon

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