The birth of my son.

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      My water broke, on a full moon strangely, at 4:05 am on Monday morning. We got to the hospital at 5:30 am where I was 2 cm and 80% effaced. They had to start me to Pitocin because my contractions weren’t completely regular, and then they came… ha ha. I was 4 cm at that time. Then I went pretty fast and delivered him at 2:04 pm. He was 7 lbs, 11 oz and 21 inches. A perfectly healthy little baby boy! He is really content, actually, and doesn’t cry too much… but has the cutest cry. πŸ˜€ I’m so happy I kept him! My boyfriend did great as my coach, ha. It was really hard labor and I didn’t scream once. xP I saw the placenta and everything. It was a really neat experience! He just got circumcised and I’m waiting for him to come back to the room for a feeding. πŸ™‚ Will post pictures ASAP.


        Congrats, glad to hear you are both doing well. πŸ™‚


          oh and random question but what was your boyfriend like during the birth did he handle it ok? mines a tad worried already!

          anyway congratulations again and im sure you’re very proud!

          Best of luck to you and your baby



            OMG congrats thats so amazing!!!


              Yeah… we were all worried that he would faint or something. He was a great coach and support system. πŸ™‚ He cut the umbilical cord… even though I never really noticed, either. So don’t worry, he’ll be fine.


                That is so exciting! Congratulations! πŸ™‚ I can’t wait to see pictures! πŸ™‚


                  Congrats! What is the name???? Can’t wait for pictures!


                    Oh! His name is Caden Edward. πŸ™‚


                      Your son has the cutest name <3


                        Thats great news, congrats!

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