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      what does everyone think of it?
      it premieres wednesday on nbc at 9/8c

      the link is here if you dont know what im talkin about

      i am very excited for this show!! i can not wait to watch it. im so obsessed already.

      what does everyone else think?


        id love to see this but im in AUS
        I did she some parts on youtube =)


          i watched the show and i absolutely loved it! even my boyfriend got into it. lol.


            im definetley obsessed with it.
            i record it every week! its just so interesting to see how they are dealing with the stress. it will help a lot of other couples who aren’t on the show as well. its exciting!


              I enjoy the show from an etertainment perspective, but have issues with it when it comes to the actual reality of it. Rarely are young parents given a big fully furnished house with everything they need in a nice neighborhood with other young parents, and rarely are jobs found and just given to these families. Also, on the show there is a professional Nanny shadowing them for legal reasons. I wish! three days with a newborn, or any age for the matter is the honeymoon period, its alot different when you know your in it for the long hall and can’t return the kids, give up and go back to your old life whenever you want, ect. It’s alot different when their your kids and they get sick and you need to find a way to the bills, they get in trouble, or have other long term issues. I guess the biggest issue I have is that it doesn’t show the parents trying to make ends meet for the family, just dealing with the kids themselves. Sure, they go to work, but they can pick the parent that goes to work, thus getting a break from work or the kids, and very few people have the luxury to wake up and decide who is going to go to work that day. It’s an interesting show and I think it may make people think twice, but it barely touches the surface of how hard it really is. Just my thoughts!

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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