That boy dont love me

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      it was love at first site.well atleast for me it was.Spending nights at his house,having sex with him everything and i was only 14.he told me he loved me and i told him the same only to find out it was all lies.i got pregnant and i was so scared but at the same time i was yhappy to find out i was pregnant by the boy i supposely was in love with. I came home from school one day and i started to throw up i knew i was pregnant but i wanted to be sure .so i went down to get a pregnancy test.I went in the room to take the test .i had to wait awile then the test vame back POSITIVE.ididnt know what to do but i had to tell him.4 mons went by and i still didnt tell him finally the 5th month cae and i told him he denied it the whole time. i cried and cried until i couldnt take it no more.icoulnt believe it the boy that i was suppose to be in love with just walked out of me and my unborn childs i made another phone call to him and cursed him out saying"wait untill i have this baby im putin you on child support" and all types of stuff and you know what he said to me he said go head i dont care why do you just get an at that time i thought maybe hes right maybe i should get an abortion im not gonna bring this child to this world if its gonna bethe worse for him.i had thoughts of getting an abortion for along day i had a doctors appointment to hear the babys heart and once i heard that i no longer wanted an abortion that was my baby in me and i was not about to kill it over no boy.i said to myself forget that boy he dont love me but this baby can love me 10 times better then him. now my baby is here and hes cryin to me to get back wit me but that boy dont love me.he just wants you know what.but its all good because i got my baby.

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        hello the same thing happened to me except im not quite done being pregnant but he was a jerk to me telling me to kill it and the same thing once i heard and seen that girl in an altrasound i no longer cared! your child is the only thing you really need at the end of the day! i cant wait to hold my girl in my arms im having her in dec. i love her so much already and i really could care less about the jerk b.c he doesnt know what he’s missing out on! but guys will be guys!


          Good for you. Continue to be strong for you and your baby. It may get hard, but remember, your baby is a hundred times more important then he’ll ever be. And you and your baby can live a full and happy life together, because no love is greater. Rock on girl!!!!
          MIchelle J.
          19 and four kids

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