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      I want to thank everyone so much for all your support and advice. I really appreciate getting input from people on the outside looking in, not knowing me. Everyone here has done a great job of getting me thru this very tough time…well, tomorrow is my cut-off day. I scheduled an abortion appointment for tomorrow, but-I am not going to do it. That is my baby and whether the situation bad or good…it is my decision, my body, and my baby! I am very happy about my decision and am actually getting a little bit excited! I am going to be a MOMMY! I decided that I cant dwell on whose baby it is right now, because afterall-that baby is mine!
      Thank you all very much…I will keep you posted on my pregnancy!


        Taryn – I’m so so very proud of you! And guess what. You are not GOING to be a mommy … you already are a mommy!

        Congratulations. I’m overjoyed!

        Luv Lisa:woohoo:


          you go girl your a wonder person n a great mommy for giving your child life, things always wont be bad it will get better n theres plenty of places that will help you to get the things you need for your baby n your self if you need any advice you can ask ive been prg 7 times


            aw congrats!! its so good that you have decided not to go through with the abortion!! 😀
            i hope all goes well with the pregnancy


              WOOOT! Go you! That’s a really,really brave descision you’re making,but you’re doing the right thing! Good luck! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


                Good on you for making the right choice and not being someone that doesnt think about it and goes and does it , then regrets it.These sort of things need to be well thought about !!! good luck for the rest of your pregnancy.


                  I just want to congratulate you on your baby and your bravery!
                  You go girl:)!

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