Thank God thats over! now what about ultrasounds?

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      I told my parents and they were brilliant, absolutely fantastic…thanks to everyone who gave me advice! now i can start being excited..
      Just wondering the best way to find out a baby’s sex?
      i’ve heard ultrasound can be pretty unreliable but that CVS and amniocentesis can have risks for the baby??
      what did you guys find worked or didnt work for you?


        I’d just go with the ultrasound rather than risk a premature birth due to an amnio.


          Most people do a ultrasound and I would say they are pretty accurate. I would not risk the amneo unless you HAVE to have it done. Best of luck. Jessica


            just go with the utlrasound! really really… an amnio is not a good choice.


              And congrats on telling your parents! 🙂 I bet you’re relieved that’s over, huh?!


                Haha trust me… the hardest part is over! (Except for labor. ;)) I’d go with ultrasound. It’s highly safe and actually with the advances, very accurate. They now have the technology to erase anything unwanted on the image, such as an umbilical cord posing as a little boy’s you know what. 🙂

              Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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