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      I had sex around the start of june with my boyf. Im on the pill. We dont use condoms but he pulls out b4 ejaculation. Since, I have had 3 periods, coming on time. I had been feeling pregnant but no symptoms. I am on the 2nd day of my third period and I got a pregnancy test (clear blue) I was trying to out myself out of my misery by proving I wasnt…its positive!

      Cud my period have affected it?

      Do u think Im pregnant?

      its not possible for me to go to a doctor until sept, im on holidays!

      Can u help me plz?


        ok its me again and iv just taken im another test….first response and it howed one line…not even a faint other one!! so its negitive!!!

        think i will ctake it again on monday and see what happens as i still have my period!


          it may not be a period. it possibly inplant bleeding. i had a similar situation and ended up being pregnant. i went to a walk in clinic to confirm it. they gave me the results the same day. maybe you should do the same . when these pregnancy test come out positive , it’s really error proof . hope this helps.
          do you want to be pregnant???


            You know what I’m wondering the same thing that you are. I had a cycle on the 30th of june and it was not as heavy as normal, but heavy enough to use a tampon. Then on the 16 of august I had really light bleeding (spotting) then it got a little heavier (staining), I asked my doctor during the physical why am I having two cycles and he told me that he wants to get a pregnancy test done, unfourtanatly I had used the rest room already so now I have to wait to go to the lab and get blood work done. Since it’s not until later I don’t know what to think. I just wnat to know if I am or not, it’s strnage for me to have 2 cycles that close together.


              well let me know what happens!!!! took another two pregnancy tests and they were negative but still think my stomach is hard and still wondering!!!!! as im n hols have to wait to get a proper check up back in london!!!!

              do you want to be pregnant?

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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