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      So I tested sunday and there was a very faint second line. It wasn’t darek enough to be difinitive or anything. Im gonna test again on the first. So whats the test mean?


        PREGNANT! as long as you get a line no matter how faint, its usually pregnant, i got a faint line… its probably because your really early… Check the website of the test you used and see if it shows or atleast explains about what a positive is…

        I took a test this morning and also got a faint positive, so im going to the doctor tomorow…

        make sure to make a doctors appointment.. they’ll confirm a positive… good luck


          even if it is faint…if it matches the picture of the positive then it is positive, if it matches the negative then it is negative….Meg


            It could be a false positive or it could mean you are pregnant. I took a first response test 7 days before I expected my period and I got a faint positive. I am now 7 weeks along in my pregnany. Best to just take some prenatal vitamins and test in a few days. If it’s positive again then verify it at the doctors.


              you could be pregnant but its a bit early to tell.

              When i did my first test and my second the second line was very faint aswell. U can either wait another week and do another test or the better optio is to go to the doctors and get a bloodtest done.


                Yuo are probably pregnant! congrats..but i would take a blood test just to be sure .. i had 2 very very faint positves and 2 clear negatives for the first 5 weeks of my pregnancy.. so u cant reley on urine tests! .. get a blood test and let us know the results
                good luck


                  it means that u could be pregnant, if i have a faint second line your proberly pregnant. good luck with the next test x


                    I tested again this morning and I got the same thing. I think it was a tiny bit darker but still very faint.

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