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      Okay I took a HPT because as of today I am 19 days late and that isnt normal.
      The test results came out
      one dark pink line and then a faint line, does this mean anything??


        Take it from someone who took 5 tests before i believed I was pregnant with my daughter 3 years ago. One faint line means yes. Planned Parenthood said it didnt, but alas they were wrong. All 5 of my tests came out the same way.


          Hey. When I took my HPT I had the same thing happen where there was one dark pink line and the second line was faint. I am currently 17 weeks pregnant.


            When i took my prenancy test…the test said it doesnt matter what the shading is if its there its there


              I know this is confusing. I went through the same thing, with it coming out one dark line and one very faint line. But I went to the doctors and had a urine and blood test which were both negative. They say even a faint line is positive so I don’t know why the test showed like that when I wasen’t pregnant but I would suggest to you to either go and buy one of those digital pregnancy tests, the kind that say either pregnant or not pregnant or go to the doctors and have a blood test which is the most accurate way.


                This is kinda gross and all.

                I was going to buy another test tomorrow (if I didnt start yet) BUT i think that I might have miscarried because I passed alot of big, semi hard/stretchy dark materials( that not all of it was blood clots) and was in ALOT of pain. But I am not sure, because I never went to the dr. was going to make an appointment monday. Any way of knowing, or how do you know if you have went through one?


                  You could very well be pregnant. I would retest again…..if you are still unsure, then I would go to a clinic or doctor and have a blood test done.


                    If I was pregnant I am no longer. I think I might have expericence an miscarriage. There was alot of unusal materials that I passed in saturday, stuff other than blood clots (sorry for so much detail but I dont know what to think) there were alot of blood clots and there was this other thing that was about 2 inches long and 1/2 wide whiteish/grayish in color. I was in so much pain saturday I took med. each max. every 4 hours and nothing worked ( i was at work so there wasnt anything else I could do) I went though 3 tampons within 2 1/2 hour ( i know you arent suspose to use them if you have a miscarriage , but I didnt/dont know if thats what it was, but that was all I had) I have been hurting (much more than my usual cramps around my period) I was almost it tears about to the point of fainting on saturday, have been hurting (but not so much ) off and on since then. I didnt go to the DR. was going to go yesterday if I hadnt started, but I did so didnt get to go. Anyone know what I experienced..or if it was just a normal period? I have no clue what to think. Please help anyone?


                      you might want to go to te dr anyway. anytime you have problems with your cycle you should always go and tell your dr. you never know if it could be a more serious problem. i know that my mom had a miscarriage once and she said it felt as though her body was about to ripped into two she hurt so much. i would recommend going to the dr though because most of the time they can still tell you when you have had one etc.


                        The exact same thing happened to me. I took 2 tests and they both came out like that. what it means is that u have the hormone in ur urine but that doesnt nessesarily mean that u are. what u need to do is go to the doctor. i did and right now im 34 weeks pregnant.

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