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      well im not 16 for another 4 months and i took the test on monday which came back possitive. My boyfriend knows and most of his family, theyre supporting us in any way they can but the one thing im strugging with is telling my mum. Needless to say shes going to hit the roof, she seems to be guessing that im pregnant but she doesnt know for sure.
      Anyone got any advice on how to tell her without giving her a mental break down? =/


        Well it’s good that your boyfriend and his family are supportive! 🙂
        Sometimes a good idea is to write a letter to your Mom… that way you don’t get the first burst of emotion from her.
        But if she seems to be guessing that you are pregnant, than she’s probably somewhat prepared.
        Don’t wait too long to tell her… you’ll feel better when it’s done no matter how she reacts! 🙂
        Good luck!


          hey, I thought my mother would flip out too! Writing a letter is a good idea, especially if she has a tendancy to get overemotional right at the beginging. That way you can give her her space for a while. My mom had a series of emotions, but she’s mostly excited about her first grandchild. Also, it may help to know as much as you can about your options, how you plan on dealing with school, work, and family, ect. So your mom will know that your serious about this and willing to do all it takes to raise a happy, healthy baby! Also, I tried not to bring up how involved she would be or what kind of help or support she would offer, and let her make that decision and come to that herself. She’ll come to terms with it, even if she’s not happy in the begining. I suggest telling her soon, or she may feel left out that other people knew long before her. Best of luck!


            thats amazing that your boyfriend and his family are supporting the pregnancy. u r very lucky.

            if youre afraid to tell your mother yourself, is there anyone else, preferably someone supportive who’s really close to the both of you, that can be there when you tell her? is so, they could calm her down if necessary, and lots of times having someone neutral present in tough situations buffers intense emotional reactions.

            good luck.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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