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      okay so i took two tests and they both said positive. im reallly freaked out about what my parents are going to say because they said if anything ever happened like this it will not be good around the house and it was a very serious comment! and im so scared. i just found out my mom scheduled a doctor appointment on november 26th for a check up or something and so now i have to tell her before then and im getting like a perm and doing senior pictures and all this stuff before the appointment and im sure ill have a noticeable bump by then and im just really scared and wondering how im going to tell my parents! i just dont konw what to do. anyone have suggestions or advice i would greatttly appreciate it!


        First of all, congratulations!

        It’ll be tough, but you can handle it. You’re almost at the age where you’re out on your own. I encourage you to continue education and keep your baby.


          If you’re only a few weeks pregnant you don’t have to worry about getting a bump for a while. Most people don’t start to show until they’re 5-6 months along.
          As far as telling your parents goes, there are lots of posts on the ‘personal experiences’ forum that have a bunch of ideas on how to tell them… some of the more popular are writing a letter, going out to dinner and telling them then (they can’t kill you in a restaurant)…
          But no matter how you decide to tell them, or what their reaction is, I know that you can do a good job protecting this little life inside of you!


            hey well im 5and a half weeks pregnant…and neither of my parents kno…i would love to keep it that way but i cant just pop up and say oh look you have a grand child on the way…and my parents would seriously hurt me but just do wat i do and pray about it


              telling your parents is hard. It might be easier to tell one of them at a time, probably the one you feel more comfortable telling first, and if you want, you can have that parent tell the other. Some girls I know have written it in a note. But just remember this, you are not alone. there are tons of girls just like u in the same situation who have told their parents and gotten through it. usually telling the parents is the hardest part so once you get that over with things will be so much less stressful. goodluck


                i think you should tell them asap- i waited till
                i was 12 weeks along- by then they already suspected
                something was wrong. i was so scared cos my dad was like that
                to, saying ah if you fall preg i dnt even wanna kno,
                i ended up telling my younger sister which is 14
                and she told my parents while i was not home,
                my dad was more upset i never told him earlier, when i got
                home we sat down and spoke- time heals everything-
                my mom pushed for abortion the 1st few days- but now she buying
                baby things already. for any parent its a shock-
                its a big step in their little girls life,
                just try pluk up courage and tell them- it takes a
                huge amount of stress off your shoulders- maybe have
                a friend or close family member with you- i felt safer with my sister there.haha(:laugh:
                best of luck

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