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      Well i dont know if im Preg i Might be And if the test comes Back + tue. My mom is going to Kick me out , if i am Should i Get ride of it or Try and Ask my Bf GrandParents to Live with them? some one Please help me
      ~!~Melissa~!~ 🙁



        How do you know for certain that your mother will kick you out? Does she know that you suspect you might be pregnant? Wait to see if the test is positive before you panic too much. If you are pregnant I would not have an abortion. Abortion may seem like a quick and easy solution but there are many physical and emotional consequences – read the stories on this site before you decide to have an abortionl. I would encourage you to please consider a choice that will give life to your unborn baby. If your mom will not support you try to see if you could get support from other relatives or your boyfriends relatives. A crises pregnancy center or Birthright should be able to help also. You could also talk to your local pastor if you belong to a church and he/she might be able to help. I know how stressed you must feel right now, but try to hang in there, and know that there are people out there who will listen and do care about you, and your baby if you are pregnant.



          i am sorry you are having such a rough time. but you have options. i strongly discourage aborting your child. it is not your child’s fault that they were conceived so they should not be punished. give them a chance at life. have you thought of adoption? if you find a good adoption agency they will council you through the whole thing, usually even if you decide to keep the baby. how does your boyfriend feel about the pregnancy? what about his parents? think about what would be best for the BABY and not necessarily what would be best for you. write back to update us on what is going on. remember we are always here for support.


            Hi melissa,

            Im 16 yr old expecting my first baby in march, my advice for you is get and take a test soon as you can if your test comes back postive then think about your options remember you have three options and none of them are easy ones anyone that tells you a abortion is the easy way out theyre wrong your always remember and wonder about your child.

            Theres always adoption if you think your be unable to care for the baby once it gets here.
            and theres keeping and raising your child.
            I know you must be scared right now, about how your mum going to take this, my dad told me if i got pregnant he would kick me out im 6 months pregnant and still living with him and he wants me to stay here with the baby, parents say those things mostly as a scare tactic to stop you doing something they dont want you to do.

            Get a test result, then talk to your mum and dad .

            Best of luck cassie xox

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              To be honest i dont think that you should get rid of it. i think you should keep it and talk to your mom. ask her if she really wants her child and grandchild to have no place to stay. and if that doesn’t work live with your grandparents. i’m sixteen and i want a child and honestly i wouldn’t know what to do if i was faced with that situation. so i wish you the best of luck


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