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    princess Angela

      Hey guys,

      kade for like the last week has been sucking on his hand like constantly and dribbling and bubbles and stuff and now he has just been crying heaps over the last week he dropped 2 5bottles normally has 6 and wont sleep like at all during the day He is 2months old i was wondering is it possible his teething?


        wen i took my daughter 2 the pediotrician 4 her 14week shot, he told me that she was already teethin, not in the sense that the teeth are gonna cum out soon but rather that her gums r “itching” and that i should appy teehin gels 4 hr every now n then… well she is 8months now n not a tooth 2 b seen yet, so yes it could b teethin or sumthin els but ere r sum common signs of teethin

        1. excessiv drool n suckin fingers in an attempt for relief
        2.dirrea or constipation wit fever n poo thats not its normal color
        3. biting the nipple (breatfed babies)
        4. poor diet n the list goes on…..

        try massagin his gums in a circular motion.. c if it helps… or visit ur doc if ur concernd

        princess Angela

          I had a look in his mouth while he was screaming tonight and have njoticed a tooth has cut threw up the back… kinda releived to no thats why his been crying so much…


            aww shame poor guy, he shud b feelin beta now that its out

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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