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      So you’re no longer pregnant and you’re holding your new baby in your arms. Welcome to hell..HAHA I’m just kidding but seriously, you are about to embark on the most amazing journey of your life and now is the time to reach out when you need it.

      Having a new baby is hard and very scary, especially for young moms (or any moms for that matter) who are doing it by themselves. The trick is to REACH OUT to girls who are going through the same thing.

      PPD (post partum depression) is noones fault, it can happen to anyone no matter age, race or religion and it is so crucial for you to get help (for both baby and you!)
      REACH OUT, there is support, talk to a public health nurse or your GP or even a local counsellor, sometimes your best help is a friend whos been there done that. Don’t ever feel like a failure or scared that people will judge you for having a hard time. This is what parenting is about!!

      Keeping baby is the biggest decision you’ll ever make and chances are you won’t realize it until you have him/her.
      No more sleeping in, no more parties, no more nothing (not for awhile anyways) and it will be YOU waiting on someone elses beck and call no longer are you the child. You are now Mom.
      Sleep deprivation is tough, real tough. Most teens don’t get up during the night unless to midnight snack but you, you my friend will be getting up every few hours (or earlier if baby may be colicky) and there is NOTHING you can do about.
      You may think hey, it’s not biggy I’m a light sleeper anyways but dealing with a screaming baby at 3:30 is emotionally tiring if not physically as well.

      Money isn’t everything. No it sure isn’t but it is something. You will find that no longer are you buying yourself make up and new clothes but diapers and wipes. Your parents will not take care of both of you forever, I’m sure they’ll help but sooner than later baby and you will need to find your own place. Material objects are not everything but decent clothes, food, rent, bills, gas (whenever you drive) all adds up very quickly. Be prepared. Save up.

      All in all parenting is hard, no longer the dream of parenting as you hold your pregnant belly…It’s tough and you better be tough with it or you’ll go nowhere.

      Not trying to scare anyone just saying..If you need someone to talk to, reach out..Don’t do it alone.


        hopefully one of the really young girls that are about 13 or 12 that want babies read this and it actually gets in their head and does not go thru one ear and out the other.


          I was one of those 13 year olds that wanted a baby, i got preg by 14.. and had him by 15.. Lots of people tried to stop me.. i wouldnt change it then, wouldnt change it now. maybe im lucky.. maybe i was just to determined i dont know, but i’ve been a wonderful mother from the start.. and the post about 12 and 13 year olds was insulting…


            I am living this life. It is stressful. Even though I am 19 I feel like I can’t do it.. sometimes I just want to give up.

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