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      Ive been reading alot of the things on here and god bless all of you, im 16 currently attending college and in a relationship with the father of my baby we been together just over 8 months and im nearly 6 months pregnant i know what you all must be thinking silly girl to soon.I must say it werent planned but the baby is loved all the same by both me and my partner.

      Like most i had alot of worrys when the test come back positive i didnt have the worry of being left alone by my partner and he was there when i took the test.But alot of things happened at the beginning of my pregnancy me and my partner spilt for a month for other reason not the pregnancy , and i did consider a abortion i was 6 weeks when i considered this and i was being pushed into this by my dad and my partner who at the time didnt want the baby he went back to his ex girlfriend who was his first love and he knew she wouldnt be interested if he had bagage. But he continues to thank god to this day for me not listening to him for once. He only 18 and he didnt know how to be a good dad his dad left him when he was still a unborn child.But he knows he can do this and i know ill try my best to be the best mum i can and support him in everyway i can.

      But im having a few problems at home and alot of stress at college and recently ive been having very bad thoughts and even considered sucide as a option lucky enough ive got a very understanding and loving boyfriend who talked me out of this, but its left me being scared that im not fit to be a mother and i cant be a mum i love my baby with every breath i take and i will love it no matter what. But if im having negative thoughts now how will i manage when the baby gets here ? im scared that im going to suffer with depression really bad when the babys born

      what can i do ?
      any one got any advice

      Cassie xox



        I’m gald that you decided not to have an abortion, and that your boyfriend is now being supportive. Please do not commit suicide and hurt yourself and your baby. I know what it feels like to be in deep depression. I’ve had suicidal thoughts in the past and if my then boyfriend now husband had not intervened would likely have acted on them. There was an entilre semester at college that I just shut myself in my dorm room and I didn’t go outside except to eat because I felt paralyzed and felt I just couldn’t face the world. I kept this a secret and acted like everything was okay. However things came out after I failed all my classes. Since then I have had counseling to help deal with some of my issues and I have been much better, but I think it is something that once you have been through you still have to face to a smalled degree on a day to day basis. Keep talking to your boyfriend. Don’t clam up like I did – don’t hide it and lie about it like I did. If you can afford it I would seek counseling. It can help.

        With all the hormonal changes in pregnancy depression is not at all uncommon. (Lately I’ve been feeling some of the depression from the past and fear coming back and it scares the heck out of me, but I know I have the strength to overcome.) The stress you must have had to deal with with an unplanned pregnancy and the break up and getting back together with you boyfriend, pressure for abortion and choosing to keep the baby…all of this stress can’t help either. That’s a lot to handle. Talk to your doctor. Perhaps there is something to take for depression that would be safe for the baby and/or they could recommend a good counselor. If you ever need to talk I am here. Best wishes.



          Hey Cassie,
          I can totally relate to the feelings you are having. When I was pregnant with my first daughter my situation was a nightmare. The father was a crack addict and was always coming and going and was never here for me. After I had the baby I was SOOOO scared. I had no clue how to raise a baby or even take care of one. I called my doctor and made an appointment and he put me on anti-depressent which really helped. I was scared I might hurt the baby but I never did. I had also thought of giving her up but I didn’t do that either. It is amazing but somehow as mothers, we find the strength. She is now almost nine years old and I have never ever regretted having her! Not for one minute!! Hang in there and reach out for support, you and your baby deserve the best. Good luck and let me know what happens.


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