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      [color=#000080]I don’t understand. I hear some teen mothers that tell me to wait and have sex, wait and have kids because it’s hard. And then there are the actual few who are elated to be pregnant or have kids and say it’s easy. I know money is a big issue so how could someone who isn’t very financially equipped say that? I’m not being judegemental by the way. It’s just that I ran into an old high school friend who got pregnant our freshman year (and didn’t drop out) and she says it’s the greatest thing that ever happened to her and it’s "easy". I don’t get it.

      Is it hard or is it easy? Or can it depend on the person’s determination and will?:blink: [/color]


        Every one has different definitions of what is hard and what is easy. I think a lot of it depends on the support your receive. Plenty of girls are forced to drop out of high school simply because they have no child care. Other girls are thrown out of their house entirely.

        Keep in mind, too, that your former classmate might be been trying to impress you. You were at a class reunion where people try to one-up each other to show that they have their life together.


          Over all my experience has shown me that marriage before the baby is a much better way to bring a baby into the world. Yes it is possible to raise a baby on your own, even as an unwed teen. I highly encourage anyone who ends up pregnant to carry to term and either parent or go with adoption, but…to purposefully try for a baby before marriage is selfish and irresponsible…I was a single mom for 4 1/2 years, I did not get pregnant on purpose though, just out of irresponsibility and ignorance, it was a struggle to pay the bills and have child care and all the rest but I survived and I made it. I got married almost two years ago now and we did things the "traditional" way. Our first time was our wedding night and we waited almost a year before trying for a baby. Going from being a single mom and going though pregnancy alone to being married and planning a baby with my husband and having him there at appointments and having his support during the hard months and all the rest of the things like house work and emotional breakdowns was a night an d day difference. Is it hard or easy to have a baby on your own? It is hard to be a mom single or married, like I said it is possible to raise a baby alone and do it well and have great times too but what is best for the baby? If someone is pregnant it is always best to carry the baby to term but to plan a baby you should really wait until marriage…it is just better for all involved…just my two cents…Love Meg


            Hi. I’m 23 and having a baby out of wedlock, and I have my college degree and it is still hard! but I think it’s the fact that so many of the women, especially young ones, have such incredible coping skills, and the fact that from where we started-scared, alone, and really down, after a couple years of really really hard work things have gotten a little easier. So maybe when they say "easy," it’s not by the worlds standards but compared to the hardships they have known and overcome. Just a thought. That’s how it is in my case, anyway.


              i guess it depends on the person really. Which also reflects on your mothering skills.
              I’am a calm person, my kids are fairly calm and being a mum has been fairly easy for me. My kids are like my friends & thats the way i want it to be.
              Someone they can chat to when they get older etc.


                depends on your situation. yes babies are the greatest thing that can happen but that depends on your maturity level.
                If you have a choice to wait or not think what kind of life your going to give to the child:side:
                Mommy to be


                  I think it does depend on the person and their determination. I know some girls personally that had kids in high school that let it change the direction there life is going. They don’t set goals or make the best of it. You can accomplish anything you want to regardless of money, age or other obstacles that are put in your way. I would never say it was easy but I made it and it has made me the person I am today. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Hang in there and enjoy each moment. Life is what you make of it.

                  Best of Luck,


                    I think a lot of it depends on how you actually handle the situation and how determined and mature you are. I’m 17 and my son is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. However, a lot of that has to do with the fact that before i got pregnant, i was not very determined to do my school work or graduate and my life was not really on track. once i got pregnant i realized that i need to work hard not only for myself but for my son and his future. I will not say it is easy by any means. Its been one of the hardest things i’ve ever gone through, but also one of the best. So like i said in the beginning, it depends on the situation a girl is in.


                      It really does depend on the individual girl. Some girls do in fact have it easy. Some girls have parents who are incredibly pleased to have grandchildren at such a young age. It’s har to imagine, but it’s the truth. These girls could have parents and siblings catering to their every maternal need.

                      Then there are girls who have incredibly strict families, like myself, and dread certain aspects of pregnancy simply because of the way their families will handle the news.

                      I suppose whether teen pregnancy will be "easy" or "difficult" really just depends on the conditions of the life.


                        I would just like to say im a teen mom and think personally that im a great 1. I love my daughter to death and wouldnt take her back for anything in the world!!1B)


                          If I were you, I would wait. I am not saying that it is going to be easy, or that it is going to be hard; but it will be worth it in the end. To have a baby witht he person that you truly and deeply love is the most wonderful feeling. It is great knowing that no matter what happens, they will always be there for you and your baby. I am 19, married, and pregnant, and proud of it! I have a husband to support us, and he is there all the time. It would be completely dif if he was not there..


                            Is it easy? Is it hard? Well. I’m seventeen and seven months pregnant(i turn 18 in october and am due in december) and I quit school and I am getting my GED and my finacee isnt in college and he’s almost 21. We live with my family and honestly i believe the question is it easy or hard to be a teen mother is unanswerable. Its very easy for me i guess you could say. My mother backs me up a billion percent. Shes throwing my shower next weekend. She helps get me to all my docotor visits. Helps me buy baby things. My finacee and I are very lucky to have this kinda of supporting family.

                            I know other teen mothers who have it hard though. their famiyl doesn’t help and they can’t get annywhere without any help. do you know what I mean? So I believe the best possible answer is that its based on the support the teen has.


                              Being a mommy takes WORK, some see that as bad some see it as good, no one who is a mother really believes it’s easy, but sometimes it’s a lot easier to say everything’s great and wonderful then trying to go into detail about all the behind the scenes things you may be dealing with.

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