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      my period is almost a week late and im petrified
      i have pregnancy test, tons of them (long story) but their back home and im at my dad’s till sunday so i wont find out for deffinant till sunday but im so scared
      ok, i should go back to the begining.

      fact: im 17 years old and i live in new hampshire
      fact: my boyfriend is a 26 year old cop from brookline
      myth: my boyfriend is a sweetheart who thinks im too young for a baby and would never get me pregnant
      myth: Plan B is a sure thing
      myth: it takes like 72 hours for implantation to occure
      fact: implantation can be nearly simultaneous

      now im left wondering if its myth or fact that he wanted to get me pregnant
      i dont wanna beleive he wanted to get me pregnant but i feel like he did, we had unprotected sex and i told him i wasnt on birth control and to get a condum and he said it was no big deal, he’d get me Plan B. and i know, im a retard, im stupid, ive never been so irresponsible. i was so swept away by how romantic and sweet he was and i had my first big-O and i thought “hey, he doesnt want a kid, he wouldnt get me pregnant” but then he delayed in getting me the Plan B, i was bugging him about it like every ten minutes and he didnt get it till the next day, late at night. and he was realy sweet like no guy ive ever met.
      this sounds stupid, but my biggest dream is to be a mom, with tons of little kids running around, like alot of kids, like 4 or more. i love children, of all ages.
      and he was asking if i wanted kids and if i wanted to be a home maker and talking about what a cute house wife i’de make and talking about wanting me to be his house wife and wanting kids. i guess that should have tipped me off, but it didnt. then i said i wanst gonna have my kids till i was 21 and he started saying that 21 year olds make horrible moms and stuff and i’ve been pretty emotional lately and i started crying, i hate people who say im gonna be a good mom and he apologised and said ide make a great mom.
      im so stupid. i mean i realy realy want kids but i need to go to college so i can support my kids. if we lived in a different society ide love to have my kids now but we dont and in this society i cant have kids now. and now im screwed. screwed, glued, and tattooed.
      i dont even have anyone i can talk to about this. he says im just paranoid and my friends consist of my exgf, my exgf’s bf, my exgf’s bf’s exgf, and model semi-friend who has had like 3 abortions and sees nothing wrong with it.
      idk why im here, i guess i just need to get it off my chest.
      i had everything planed, i wasnt gonna end up like my parents.
      is there anyone i can talk to? please?


        its official
        i took three pregnancy test, hospital grade. and they all said im knocked up. and my boyfriend wont answer his phone and i called my brother an dhes been a great support for me these last 30 minutes, and made me luagh and is awesome. he doesnt want me to have an doption no matter what though.


          So have you decided if you want to keep the baby? If yes then make sure you go to a pharmacy to get the Prenatal Vitamins those are important in the 1st trimester of the pregnancy. Also you can get pills with Omega 3 it helps with the development of the baby’s brain. Any abdominal exercises are out of the question and also no lifting stuff over 25 lbs. Caffeine should be limited but you don’t have to stop drinking coke etc…Right now your b/f has no parental rights and if you don’t want to inform him about stuff about the baby you do not have to. Also if he wont be helpful child support will catch up to him if you want. Just eat healthy the doctors recommend to limit tuna but you do not have to avoid it. Pregnancy is not a sickness so you can do most things just use your common sense.


            an adoption agent is suppose to call me after school today. i think ill be seeing my therapist tomorow so im going to ask her to take me to get the prenatal vitamins. i was craving mcdonalds last ngiht, strange baby. and i figured out walking helps my morning sickness 🙂 makes it go right away. i’de love to keep my baby but i cant and open adoption is so good now a days. ill still see my baby and be a part of her life, im so excited to hear from the agent.


              Good for you ^^ … I had it pretty bad with morning sickness from 9-16weeks I threw up up to 5 times a day o.o if it gets really bad just ask your doc to prescribe nausea pills for you… Yea I always crave random things and if I cant get it I want it the next day and the next until I eat it :laugh: well how far along are you now? If you need any tips and advice let me know since I’m due anytime now been through it all lol


                im 3 weeks and 4 days
                but im bleeding brown,purple and red and just started having black stuff coming out of my vagina so im not sure whats happening or how much longer im going to be pregnant or even if i still am. there hasnt been ALOT of blood so i dont think its a miscarriage but im not sure and i cant get to a doctor 😛 but my boyfriend is suppose to be getting me this weekend and maybe i can get him to take me to the hospital, maybe, he’s pretty mad at me.


                  Well why dont you just try calling a dr and telling them your symptoms and see what they would recommend. Also if you havent seen a dr, how do you know how far along you are? You normally go from the day of your last period and count from there. If you calculate from the time you said you had sex on Feb 5th you would be 7 weeks along. You might not be having a miscarriage, you could be internally bleeding and if its not taken care of right away you will die. Not might, but will, so if you cant get to a dr call one and if they recommend you come in, find a ride, and get down there because you could be talking life or death here.

                  At 3 weeks and 4 days of pregnancy, you are 11 days past ovulation and it would be rare for you even today to get a positive on a pregnancy test. So since you got a positive days ago, you are most certainly further along.


                    Ok you need to go to the ER for your and your babies well being. I really doubt that you are 3.4 weeks since positive hpt’s show positive [barely] at 4 weeks. You count from the 1st day of your last period. Also if you are having a miscarriage then you need to get checked out because you can get a infection and that might not end so well. Also something might be wrong with the baby and if you not get it taken care of it can end up as a miscarriage. My aunt had a lot of bleeding at 5 weeks and if she didn’t go to ER her baby would be dead and now she’s due anytime.


                      based on getting pregnant on the last day i had sex, the 7th of february i guessed at how far along i am, its been 3 weeks and 5 days since then. i figure sunday was more likely to be the day i concieved then friday or saturday i think.
                      i’m gonna try to get phill to take me to the hospital this weekend while im with him. i’ve kinda just stopped caring, i’ve stopped feeling, i just want it to all go away, and if i am dying and thats what this means, then maybe its a good thing. i have severe depression i’ve been battling for years and i know its kicking my butt right now but i dont have the strength to fight it anymore. my life is over no matter what.


                        Yea the doctors count from the 1st day of your last period. That’s the date and they count your due date + 40 weeks from that day. Listen you can do this maybe it seems like its just a dead end but its not. You can get through this.

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