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      hi you all, its been a long road and I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy. I’m at 35 weeks, and my right foot is always swollen, even when I first wake up. My other one gets swollen at the obvious times, after sitting or standing for a long time, at night, ect, but my right is always swollen and always more than the other. I have a drs appointment on wednesday and figured I’d ask him about it, but just wondering if its normal or not. Also, I’m having pain in my pelvis/groin area and it hurts the most to cross my right leg over the other or lift it up to put pants on, and it hurts to climb stairs. Has anyone else experienced this? Rationally, it’s probly just the effects of the extra weight, but its hard to be rational during pregnancy or when it comes to the health of your baby 🙂

      princess Angela

        My right foot is always a little more swollen then my left but its not always swollen so yeah ask your doctor about that. With the pain i had it mainly in my right leg and it got so bad i was gettin my partner to put my underwear on for me and pants because i could only lift my leg slightly off the ground… the pain is still there but not nearly as bad and im 40weeks now.. So the leg pain i would say is just a down side of being heavily pregnant… Goodluck with the rest of ur pregnancy…


          First off here are some things to watch out for, twinkles in your eyes, light headedness, sudden and painful swelling, pain under your ribcage, and headaches that do not go away with tylenol….My little girl is 4 weeks old now and I ended up with preeclamspia and it all started with the swelling and it was painful, please check with your doctor and make sure that you have a good check up to ensure that you are not having too many of the symptoms, when you are at the store do the free blood pressure checks, if you are ever over 80 over 120 then call your doctor immediately and let them know….take it easy and just know that after the baby is born these things will go away, i am feeling so much better now and I can finally sleep on my side again without my groin area feeling like I was kicked by a horse…hang in there….Love Meg

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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