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      :pinch: I’ve not missed a period but suddenly became aware during the past week that my breasts are extremely tender, veins very green and so swollen they are bulging, the first thing that got my attention was a flutter in my lower abdomen around Mon/Tues – that after a serious cramp in same lower abdomen last Saturday. I then noticed the breasts (next period only due Frid 15 Dec so tenderness is not due to an imminent period). Also in the past week I’ve been embarrassed by uncontrollable burps in public a couple of times and lots of gas daily.I’ve had a dull headache the whole week and mild nausea that got better when i stopped taking vitamins tablets, experiencing mild cramps today. And I’m sooo tired everyday of course, happiest in bed. The dates have not been adding up but I’ve just figured out that I could be over a month pregnant instead of just days – which would make better sense.

      Last period ended abruptly is all I remember, noticed nothing else. Im not trying to fall pregnant, tried for a whole year then gave up, am not on contraceptives-using condoms, would love to have a baby but circumstances not good.
      When I was pregnant with my last baby I was using condoms then too. I had no clue I was pregnant and didnt miss a period but joined a gymn for weight gain, had a persistent headache and when forced by my ex to see a doctor I found that I was far more advanced than I thought I would be and I actually argued with the doctor when he said I was 8 weeks pregant, I thought I was only 2 weeks or at least one month along.


        well it sounds like you def could be. you should take a test or go see a doctor id say in the next week since that period is due to roll up next week. the cramping sounds bad if its not PMS which it well could be- the flutter in your stomach is weird tho b/c im sure you know since youve been pregnant before that you cant feel baby until atleast about week 15. I hope youre not that far along yet! just keep a look out for anything else out of the ordinary. best of luck!!!

        39 weeks 3 days

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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