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      im 19 and 29 weeks pregnant. every one has been so supportive, bf, parents, my moms family, his family, friends, and co-workers…no body in my dads family has acknowledged me since they found out. not one person from his side of the family is coming to my shower and i have to spend all of next weekend with them at my great uncles b-day party. and were all going to be in a hotel so theres no escape. my 86 yr old great grandmother is coming to the shower but they cant be bothered…any advice on not exploding next weekend?


        to be honest you can not get mad over what other people think of you. you have to be about yourself and that baby and not stressing out. besides you can not tell grown people how to act.


          I haven’t had my baby yet…..and I personally don’t have that problem, but ALL my sisters had the EXACT same problem and I can honestly tell you, just don’t worry about it. Yes its hard to just ignore them when they are being like that, because they ARE your family, but believe me girl when that beautiful little baby comes into this world they will soo regret having that attitude in the first place. They won”t be able to resist wanting to hold and kiss that gorgeous little being…ya know? No one can resist a baby…hehe. You don’t have to sweat it, it may take time for them to accept the fact that yeah you ARE pregnant and yeah you ARE haveing this baby, but they’ll get over it….meanwhile, at that party next weekend just think about how different it will be at next years party when you bring you precious little baby along and or how much fun your baby shower will be. It’ll be okay….. Good Luck girlie!


            I was in your situation when I was pregnant with my son. My parents are divorced and I became pregnant while living with my dad. He told me he couldn’t support me anymore being pregnant…a person who helped create me…he even told me he wasn’t paying for my health insurance anymore once I turned 18. He told me I couldn’t possibly be a good mother to my baby but he was cutting me off? Who was the bad parent? So, I went to live with my mom. My son turned 10 months a couple days ago and the best part about this situation was my dad’s side of the family watching me as a mom. They apologized for everything they did to me. They tell me that I have the happiest baby they have ever seen…maybe because I love my son and care for him and put his needs over mine. My dads side did not go to my baby shower. It’s hard looking at my son and knowing that my dad’s side looked down on me and him but I shrug it off and know that whatever my son does when he gets older, I will love him through it and not kick him out of my home. I keep in touch with my dad’s side of the family but know who my real family is…the people who stuck by me through my hard times.

            Good luck with everything, it’s hard to tell you to forget about your dad and his family because they ARE family but once you have your precious baby, they’ll come around. As for me and how I handled it, I forgave them but I will never forget it. All I know is I am the mother now, I can make my own decisions in my life and for my son. Even though my dad is my dad, I don’t need him as much as I used to. Never forget who was there for you in the begining, be around positive people who love you, you can’t get away from the hurt your dad and his family put you through but you can put it in the back of your mind. Your a mommy now, you need to be thinking about your future and you baby’s. Good luck.

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