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      im so stressed rite now even tho i know i shouldnt be im soo upset i love nathan with all my heart and i know he loves me but he has been working every day today was his day off but he want in any ways he promised me he would be home befor 10 because we had a whole bunch of plans he never called texted nothin i hadnheard from him all day so i called his work hes not comming home till late now i know we need the money but we never spend time together im working or hes working and he dosent even care we never see each other any more and when the baby comes we will never get alone time ever he dosent care. im soo stressed and upset i was cryin my eyes out cuz he acts like hedosent care. like i was in a bad car acident in jan and my back kills cuz i cant take my med cuz of the baby i asked him for a massage last night and he goes my back hurts to ya know why dont u give me a massage. then i was like u have no clue how stressed i am and he goes well im stressed too ya know. its like every thing i say he turns it around and makes it about him idk what to do im so upset and stressed and its making me so sick its like he dosent understand im carryin his baby idk what to do oh ya and when i called him at work all he did is yell at me and he still is its like he cares more about the job he hates so much more then the well being of me idk maybe im jsut being selfish but he never comforts me like i was balling my eyes out he just yelled at me we have never been like this ever we never even used to fight idk whats happening 🙁


        hi my boyfriend worked all the time when i was pregnant and after our son was born and we fighted all the time cause he was never there for me or our son after he was born i always thouught that he dident care cause he cared more about his job than me and the baby but the only reason they work so much is because there either shocked that their becoming a faher they only think of themselves they dont think how we feel or how we are cause there not the ones that are pregant or looking after a baby all day but you should sit your boyfriend down and tell him how your feeling and get him to help you out a bit more and to think of your needs and not his hope everything works out for youxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


          This is going to be a huge struggle on your relationship. Men do not know what you’re going through, but just make sure you talk openly to him and communicate. That is always the best thing to do to make sure that you don’t separate from each other. Having a baby is a huge change in two people’s lives and you’re going to fight. It’s a good thing that he’s working instead of doing something worse. More money is something that’s always needed with a new little one! Just give your boyfriend some time to adjust and talk with him about how you’re feeling and check back in with us. Good luck. 🙂

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