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      hey im 15 n i live in england ive been with my boyfriend for 6 months and 6 weeks ago we slept together for the first time but we didnt use protection he pulled out instead. ive missed ma period and keep gettin reli bad stomach cramp….is there a chance i could be pregnant?……i dont even kno how to go about gettin a pregnancy test round here! shud i go 2 a doctor or what?
      please write back 2 me!!!

      luv ya xxxxxxxx <3



        where abouts in england do u live… i live in england too!
        im 15 aswell… and im nearly 15 weeks pregnant.

        theres not much you can do to find out, unless u take a test or go to your doctors!
        those are pregnacy symptoms… but.. they could also be LOADS of other things!

        lots of people miss periods for many different reasons, and stomach cramps are common too.

        when was ur period suppose to be ?

        all u can reli do.. is buy a home pregnacy test.. from boots, or another chemist… and take that.. its very simple.
        if u cant do that… then u need to see your doctor… u can go to ur doctor at 15… in confidence..

        dont panic too much, theres no point… u just need to find out whether u are or not… then go from there.

        message my page anytime.



          hey erm i live in leeds!! u??

          nd it ws suposed to be on the 8th but i think i mite leave it til mid january n c if that one comes or not….but i duno wetha itd be better to take the test sooner?! but i dont reli think i cn walk into boots n buy a pregnancy test! evry1 knows evryone wher i live so ma mum’d find out 1 way or another…i dunno i mite be over reactin? wat dya think?

          n also r the tests just lyk…on the shelves or do u actuali av 2 go n ask at the counter? n ow muchr they?

          please write bak thanks for ur help xxxxxxxxxxxx <3


            hey.. lol.. leeds isnt near where i live at all!

            i live half an hour from london.

            um.. i dont think ur over reacting, but u shouldnt panic.

            you DO need to do something tho…
            ok, you can take a pregnacy test after u skip a period… and u have missed one…. so i really advise u to take one!
            you CANT wait until january… bcos if u are pregnant, u will be over two months, and it will be harder to do anything.
            i found out i was pregnant when i was 9 weeks, and its reli hard to sort out, and come to terms with, you need to find out.. asap.

            a pregnacy test is easy to take.
            i got my male friend to go and buy one for me, do u have a friend you could tell ? just one that could buy it for u.. and help ?
            they arnt too expensive, i got two for £12 .. id say no more than that.
            dont worry about people finding out, and ur mum, if u are worried, try to go sumwhere else.. is there a bus u can get to a town sumwhere ?
            it varries in each shop whether u have to ask over counter… normally they should be on shelves.

            if u really cant buy a test….. then i suggest you go to ur doctors… its confidential…. the doctor cant legally tell you mum or dad… and they will be able to tell you if ur pregnant or not.
            also… you can speak to a teacher you trust at skl.. or the skool nurse… bcos they wont tell anyone either… and they can help, in confidence.

            please do a test, or speak to someone, its important to find out.
            i wish u luck, dont panic, it wont help.

            wb if u need to, ask anything u like.


              Hi there,
              You should defo get a test, i was the same wen i thought i was preganant, was too embarassed to go in for it and kept saying "im just overreacting, i cant be pregnant" but i was. I did 4 tests all came up positive but it still didnt get through my thick head until i had it confirmed by the doctor!! Im now 9weeks 3days.The doctor was really helpful and wasnt judgemental, im sure urs wud be the same, a symptom ive had since a week after i conceived is stomach cramps, very mild like period pains, also had on-off bleeding through out, also a reason why i didnt think i cud be pregnant. U can buy tests for £5 from superdrug, thats the one minute test, very reliable. Please let me know how u get on. xxx

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