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      I have a child right now for about a month. I hate the stretchmarks on my belly, butt, breast and on my legs. I was happy because my body is back to normal but the problem is my stretchmarks. My pregnancy in school is hidden and I’m afraid if they might see my stretchmarks. Help. What do I need to do??:blink:


        Hey sweety, strech marks are tricky little things ive never been pregnant *hoping soon though* but i have strech marks on my bum and thighs from sport… theyre so horrible and they dont go away easy but you can make them less visible 🙂
        people say that cocoa butter doesnt work, but tbh its working for me its makes the marks less coloured after a while of using it.
        There are other ways but i dont think youd want lazer surgery! For now go to a chemist see what they say and if they can give you some cream to help them go away 🙂
        lots of love lou xx


          Hey girl:
          There’s this oil out called Bio Oil….you can buy it at almost any pharmacy or at any store(mostly). As long as u keep applying it everyday they go away. Thats what happened when I got pregnant the first time-i got stretch marks…then i lost my baby. so i got the bio oil…and i lost the marks. Now being pregnant again…i guess i’ll have to buy more.
          hope my advice helped.
          keep your little one safe:


            I’m 28 weeks and gotten really bad stretch marks too but the only thing that actually helps its that CocoaButter Formula heres a link to what I’m talking about…[/u][/i]


          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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