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      my lower stomach gets sharp pains sometimes lasting for 5 mintues and it just hurts, i know this might be stupid but why???
      and im worried about gainging to much weight what excercise can you do that wont hurt the baby, and also what are some pros and cons on eating??


        Well alot of women especially during the first pregnancy get ligament pains…your body is growing and stretching even when it doesnt seem like it yet….never feel bad for calling your doctor to ask questions…its better to be safe than sorry….walking is always a good excersise as long as your doctor thinks your body can handle it…it keeps your heart healthy and it works your "birthing" muscles…plus it will help keep you somewhat trim…dont over do it and dont worry about the weight unless your doctor says its a problem….as for eating tips…if you get sick alot and it tastes like something specific when you throw up then quit eating the food it tastes like…my food was cucumbers when I was preg with my son….I LOVE them but I had to quit eating them for a while LOL….eat small snacks all the time or when you need something quick instead of binging on huge meals that keep you from moving afterwards…..fruits veggies protien….talk with your doctor and or a WIC counselor if you are receiving WIC…I hope that helps you…Meg


          Well, about the pains… how far along are you is what I would like to know? Cause they are pretty normal if you are in your last month of pregnancy… I would not exercise at all, but just watch what you eat. Even if you crave that chocolate… if you are the type of girl who cares about your weight than just eat healthy stuff. Even though, believe me, you will be gaining ALOT during pregnancy, it is normal though, you should be worried when you are NOT gaining weight! But if you do do exercise, dont lift ANYTHING! and dont do sit ups or anything strenuous to your body, I would say just walking is the best. That is also what is recommended. Eat what ever you like girl! I have to say, I ate the most unhealthy stuff during pregnancy cause I just hate fruit and vegetables, but my baby is more than healthy! So you shouldnt listen to all that stuff about if you dont eat well yor kid wont be well.


            if u really want to know what is safe to do during pregnancy ask ur doc, they know best, also ur doc will tell u if u are gaining too much weight, don’t worry because ur going to gain weight just talk to ur doc if u think ur gaining too much….although if u want to watch what ur eating don’t cut out meals or make smaller portions just to not gain, just eat healthy!

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