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      Hey! My name is Keri and I’m 17 years old! It’t not uncommon for me to miss a period, it happens a lot. But this time I’m worried!! My last period was Jan9-13. Sometime in January or February (not sure exactly when) my boyfriend put his penis around my vagina but never inside. We hadn’t had sex and he didn’t ejaculate. The only symptoms I have are, my late period, and sometimes my stomach feels like it has butterflies or something, but is that just nerves? or could I really be pregnant that way?! Please Help!!


        Hi Keri! My name is Julia. My boyfriend did that exact same thing to me and I was worried I was pregnate. I was stressed but I di dn’t worry about it bcuz if I did it would only make me more late. I ended up getting my period the next month. Just quit stressing out about it and let things go their way. I highly douby your pregnate bu if your that worried take a pregnacny test.
        Hope I helped!
        Love Julia

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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