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          hey, I read your post, and I really don’t think you should be worried about being pregnant at all. Birth control can give you the exact same symptoms you are experiencing – even the nausia. I know this because when I was on birth control I was worried about being pregnant because I only spotted a little for one day when my period was due!

          Good luck!


            Birth control messes with your hormones, if you take one a day late or a couple hours late depending on which set of pills it will have a whole different effect, I personally think that if you are on birth control that you are saying "I am not ready for a baby" or "I don’t want to get pregnant right now" if that is the case you are still putting yourself at risk to get pregnant if you are having sex with or without protection, Abstinence is the only method of birth control that is 100% effective besides permanent sterilization, and even that can fail, my aunt had two kids after her tubes were tied, and my mom had a tubal pregnancy after she had her tubes tied and another friend of mine had a baby after her husband had a vasectomy (yes…she really turned out to be his child)…Abstinence is truly the best way to go if you are not married…I am sorry if this comes off wrong but if you play with fire you are eventually gonna get burned, if you are so worried about being pregnant then you really need to take a step back and evaluate your decisions…stop having sex, then you can get off birth control and save yourself the expense and the hormone problems and still not have to worry about pregnancy…it is a win win situation, and if you are not that worried about getting pregnant even when you are on birth control then you still need to take a long look at your choices because a baby deserves both parents and there is no guarantee that id you get pregnant out of wedlock that the dad will stick around, I know…I had two kids out of wedlock and one of the dads has not made contact in years and the other is a terrible example and I have no choice but to send my son to his house every other weekend to come home smelling like smoke and using bad words he learned…I hope you read this as a wake up call to reality, a baby is a life and you don’t raise kids, you are really raising an adult, if you are worried about getting pregnant and raising a future adult to be responsible for in many ways, financially, emotionally, spiritually, legally, etc…then stop having sex…it took me two times around to learn that and my kids have paid the higher price… not me, I have a wonderful husband now and we waited until our wedding night to have sex, I have been given a new start but my kids are still in that boat and will be their whole lives because of my choices…I will never regret keeping them, I think abortion should never be the way to go, but I hope that when they are old enough to understand why they have such a tough set of circumstances that they will forgive me for being so dumb when I was younger and that they will not choose to follow in my foot steps of that time but rather see where it got me and them and choose to follow the new ones I have placed while making good choices…I am pregnant with my third baby from a third dad but this time there will be no issues of child support, or weekend visits, or who gets him/her for Thanksgiving or Christmas and what time to switch back because I saw the hurt I created from my past choices and waited this time until I was married to not only have sex but waited until my family had adjusted to the changes of having a dad and being a stay home mom and not having to go to day care to try for a baby, this time I was told congratulations rather than WHAT!!! Like I said, sorry to be so blunt but sometimes the truth hurts, you need to think of your future kids and start making better choices now or they will be the ones to suffer long term, not you…I don’t judge people who are having sex before marriage, I used to be one and I understand the want and desire to be sexually involved but in the long run it is not worth the consequences that you will inflict on your future kids, this baby I am carrying now will still have to suffer for my past, he/she will never spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together in the same year, it will be every other year with out siblings…just take some time to think and ask yourself if these types of consequences are worth 20 minutes of enjoyment a few times a week and the rest of the month stressing about it???? Love Meg

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