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      so im about a month from conception, im not sure how old that makes the baby, im a week late for my period
      and last night i woke right out of a deep sleep with intense stomache and lower back pain, not like cramping, more just like pain. so i got up and walked around abit thinking that would help, that it was my bed but it didnt help and i eventualy forced myself back to sleep on the couche cuase it was cooler. but my first thought was “im having a miscarriage” but there was no blood.
      and then this morning i had my shower and got dressed and then felt the pain breifly again before being followed up with extreme nausea.
      any one know what happened?
      is something going wrong inside me?


        You probably have nothing to worry about, but any time you are concerned about something you should call your dr. If you ever feel like something is wrong even, just call and talk to them.

        If you start spotting I would call the dr right away. While the spotting could be nothing it could be a miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy expecially with the cramp. To some extent though cramping is normal and if walking around helps it, thats a good sign. Just put warmth on your back, get a back rub, or take a bath to help the cramping.


          Also, if you are about a week past your period you would be 5 weeks, if you are 4 weeks after conception you would be 6 weeks, so you are right in the 5-6 week mark. At 6 weeks you can see your babies heartbeat on an ultrasound!!! It is so amazing to see that little heart punding and hear the fast beat of 140-160 beats per minute. Hope you get to see that soon!!


            omg thats awesome
            i cant wait to see that.
            i know it wont be soon though.
            i dont even get to my own doctors appointments let alone my babys, im always having to reschedule cuase my mom crashes her car or something. actualy rescheduling is whypartly why im in this situation. i was suppose to get my birth control back in december, but i had to reschedule.


              can you hear the heartbeat with one of those heartbeat finders, i cant think of the name, the things doctors wear around their necks?


                You can hear a babies heartbeat with a Doppler around 10 weeks. I would strongly recommend you go to a dr and get everything check out. It is really really important to get care early on in pregnancy, for your safety and your babies.
                Its a really easy check up, usually you get an ultrasound, and your dr gives you a due date. Based on the information you gave your due date would be November 20th. You have a real live, developing baby inside. Life has began, your baby is still a baby right now, its just developing. Right now your baby already has all of their genetic makeup of whether they will become a boy or girl, what color eyes and hair they will have. Its so important to make a point to not miss a drs appointment when your pregnant because there are lots of medical things the drs check for: UTI’s, pregnancy related diabetes, preclampsia, ectopic pregnancy, they check for a heartbeat, and check the babies growth. A lot of times a drs appointment can save your life or your babies in the event that something goes wrong. Take it from someone who would have died without getting to a dr very early on with my first pregnancy, It is way more important than people realize!!

                Right now, your baby is already moving and in about another 8-12 weeks he/she will be large enough for you to be able to feel these movements inside of you. I am proud of you for choosing to be responsible and keep the baby. A lot of girls your age feel like they cant finish school or go to college. I know so many girls who did all these things with more than one kid. Some single, some married. So try to remember that you can still follow your dreams while allowing your child to be able to be born as well.


                  november 20th? realy but thats so far away, i thought a pregnancy was only 9-10 months, november is the 11th month. wow thats a long time from now, i was thinking like the begining of my senior year, my math is horrible. 🙂 all the babys in my family run two weeks late and ill be graduating in january, of coarse if i take night classes i could probably graduate earlier then that, and i could make this work. sweet. thanx *huggles* *bows*


                    you wont hear it from something like that til later on in the pregnancy like 10 weeks plus

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