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      O.k so i must seem like one of the most confused and stressed people on this board. I guess i’m just reaching out to someone… anyone for advice. Currently i’m still preggers although i’ve been experiancing some horrible pain in my abdomen that I never experianced b/f with my other pregnancies. At anyrate, o.k so i decided that i want to keep my baby but continue to feel like i am making the wrong choice. That my life will be extremely difficult, my family and that of my husbands will disown us, and on top of that I’ll lose my job. my youngest is on 9 months and after my maternity leave, my boss came to me and was like… "o.k so you had this baby and are still in school…kudos, but NO MORE BABIES if you want to succed in our profession. "

      Im sooo scared to death of what to do. Scared of how my family and friends will treat me and my husband, scared that my school will not understand and my classmates will be totally judgemental, scared that we wont be able to cope with yet another child, scared that we wont be moved into a new home by the time this kid gets here. Im just plain scared.

      I need someone to tell me that its normal to be scared but that we’ll be ah-ight. My hubby has come around to the idea and told me that although he never wanted 5 kids…. well if were going to do it…so be it. He told me that if this one is a boy it ABSOLUTELY must be named after him. we have 3 boys already and one girl and he has no namesake. I told him I really didnt want to name a kid after him but he is adament. I took this to mean that he’s given another kid serious thought. He told me to hope for a girl if I want to name it. Im hoping for a girl!!

      At anyrate.. please just respond to my post and give me your thoughts, inspirations, ect. I esp. need motivational stories of people who are overcoming their situations and just handling business.

      Tks for listening,


        My mother was in a similar situation to yours having me . She was 29 and she and my father had four kids, and they found out she was pregnant again. Soon, they found that she was not only pregnant, but with triplets! Lots of doctors and friends told them to abort at least two of us, because triplets are so risky. They were scared, but they found the courage to have us. In the end we were born on Christmas Eve, and my parents never regreted the decision that had worried them so much. You can do it and it will all work out in the end. I am here, sending lots of prayers your way, and you are never as alone or in as much trouble as you feel.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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