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      I have a few words about the letter wrote about statistics. I do not like statistics. They only give girls, in our position, less hope. Even if we do get to where we decide we are going to have the baby and become strong enough just to take care of them, we also have to become stronger and more hardworking then most people in normal kid bearing age. What age is that anyways?

      My story is I just turned 21. I Had my son, Austin, who is four now, when I was 16 ( I got pregnant at 15) and yes, I dropped out of school. After I had my son I went back to night school. At the time I was more worried about what my baby’s father was doing then taking care of myself. I then dropped out of night school. My son and I moved around repeatedly.

      When my son finaly turned 2 I realized he needed more stability. It was later then I would have hoped I would have realized reality and my priorties. I left his father, tied the loose ends, and finaly got my life together. I went back to school and graduated at 20 years old with a 3.5 GPA. I also became the first teen mom ever to win the Youth Leadership Campaign. The first role model who was not perfect. After I graduated I was hired at The Board of Education as a substitute for my previous high school’s daycare. Yes, they have a daycare which I thank for my graduation.

      While I was finishing school I met a wonderful man who, what I say, did everything right in life, and who is now my husband. We are building a home and are expecting our son John Thomas Feb. 1st 2006. I could not be happier or more well in life.

      I do have to say it took me taking control to get here. I had to overcome the "Statistics", the glares, the "oh, I feel sorry for her baby" attitude from strangers, and I had to get over depending on someone else to survive(my child’s father).

      What I’m trying to say is, YOU are in control of who you become. No matter what happens to you or who affects your life, you are the one with the control and you always have a choice.


        Thanks for your story and for the inspiration that it is possible to overcome labels and statistics.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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