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      WHen is the best time to start babies on solids? Well each year, it changes! and everyone says something different! We started my daughter on rice cereal at 1 month old bc she spit up all of ther bottles! At 3 months she started eating stage one foods like Apples and Bananas! By 6 months, she ate meals and only took two 8 oz. bottles a day! My pedi, told me at 6 months she can have anything except for milk or egg products! My daughter has only been sick ONCE in her entire little life! Now she is 10 months old and she can eat everything!

      Let me know what u think!


        My son was eating solid foods like chicken and cherios before he had a single tooth!!!! Just make sure you are right there with them and be responsible….some babies need more in their tummys than other babies and sometimes doctors and WIC counselors tell you not to do certain things too soon but it is more important to listen to your baby. They cant talk but they let you know what they need if you pay close enough attention…..Meg


          my sons doctor told me that its best to start them on soid foods anywhere around 7-8 months.. or when they have the teeth to chew it.


            my friends baby started eating rice cereal around 3 or 4 months, and 4 months he started stage ones…now he’s almost a year and he eats everything…….most docs sy around 6 months, but i have heard 4 months and 6 months….just follow ur baby’s lead…

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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