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      Hi my name is Krystel, I am 20 years old and I am a mother of 2 boys. Mason is 18 months and Alex is 7 months… Start to finish heres what happened…

      I met Mason’s dad Jerry on Father’s Day 2007. I just graduated from high school, the world was my oyster. Nothing ended up according to plan. See, I was going to go to school, and become a Obsetric RN. Only Obsetric anything I accomplished was haveing two babies!!!

      Within days of dating Jerry, I got pregnant.:huh: Not the easiest thing for a 17 year old girl to tell her mother and father. When I finally got the hard proof, a pregnancy test, Jerry left me and wen back to his ex- girlfriend.:( Through out my whole pregnancy this happened, I always took him back, he always left… We ended up homeless.:S I was 7 months pregnant, homeless, nothing to eat, no where to live. Jerry’s sister and her boyfriend took us in. Still not a lot of anything to eat. After a while his sister and her boyfriend broke up and got a new girlfriend but we still there still. Not long after his new girlfriend moved in, did the Meth start to be used by them. So Jerry and I were sleeping on the floor in the living room while drug addicts came in and out all hours of the night. About 3 weeks before i gave birth to Mason, my foot started to swell horribly bad, my mother came to take me to the doctor and to get my leg sonogramed to make sure I didnt have any blood clots in my leg. She walked in to the house and was amazed. As we pulled away from the apartment she told me we i take you back ther you are packing your things and you are comeing home to live with us. I was relieved.

      It was Easter and i was in labor, I didnt know that I was in labor, but I was in the bath tub all day long. I got out long enough to eat a little ham and say “Hi” to my nephews. The next day my mother we to work, she called me on her lunch at 8:30 in the morning. She asked me if I was still haveing the “cramps” I told her yes and she told me to call Rae, my doctors nurse, and see what she would recommend me to do. I argued with her and told her that Rae wasnt going to do anything about it, and there was nothing to do I was only 36 weeks. Boy was I wrong. Rae told me to go ahead and go to the hospital and get checked that there was no harm in doing that. My mother came home and took me to the hospital, I was dialated to 5 and they told me I was haveing him that day. I labored pretty easy, until I hit 9 CM. Then I was screaming for and epidural. They gave it to me and i was fine. At 7:31 pm, after 5 pushes Mason Jerry Aaron-Massey was born.

      Things we okay when we brought him home, I fought with Jerry to come see him. Exactly 2 weeks after he was born Jerry broke it off with me. I was devistated. I was alone, home was I going to do this? How could I take care of this baby by my self?:( I turned to my good friend Greg, who I had met through Jerry, for comfort. A couple weeks went by and we started dating.:kiss:

      I am very very very fertile, and 6 weeks after Mason was born I was pregnant again. I was exciting, I still lived with my mom, and Greg lived with his Dad, after his divorce to his high school sweetheart, but we were looking for a place of our own.

      After 41 weeks of pregnancy and 3 pushs Alexander Rober Greory Navarro was born.

      Mason is now 18 months old and alex is 7 months old, and Greg has takaen Mason in as his own. Greg and I are planning on getting married, and our happy family is exactly that happy and healthy….:P


        WOW! What an amazing life story! It brought me to tears! WOW lol It’s amazing what you went through! I take it you and Greg are still together?…He must be God sent…He knew what you needed…It’s funny how that works! Well take care girl! What an amazing story! I feel like I can do anything right about now lol

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