stagitory rape… :/

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      Im not a victim of it… yet, im gettin caught up in it. Im a couple weeks pregnant, jus found out :), n i havent told anyone but the father of course…. but of course… the catch is, i was 16 when everything went down, n hes 22… im very worried that when i tell my mother n father, they will wanna have him arrested… n convicted of stagitory rape… but it was never like that.. n i say it over and over.. it was all consentual.. both very willing… i jus wish i loved him… because hes not my boyfriend…. jus a really good friend that i like to chill with… im still contimplating keepin my baby or giving it up for adoption… because abortion is out of the question… i don’t really have anyone to turn to… none of my friends can relate with the fact of being with an older man… n i forgot to mention he has a soon-to-be 5 yr. old girl… which he is actively involved n the raisin of… its jus he, like myself, have alot to live for… and no one will win if he gets arrested… some positive yet honest feedback would be greatly appreciated… n i would like to hear from some one that is in some wut the same boat as myself…
      well, until then..
      *oNlY tImE wIlL tElL*


        statitory rape does not mean that you were forced. It means that an adult had sex with a minor and that’s illegal. It’s considered statutory rape no matter if you gave consent. I’m not sure what to say other than good luck. I hope everything works out in your favor.


          Depending on what state you live in, there are ages of consent. I can relate to your problem because I’m 15 and my boyfriend is 20. So I’ve done a little research. Just discuss the situation with your parents and how sending him to jail won’t help anyone. It will have a negative impact on everyone including them. Hopefully they will be understanding and feelings won’t get in the way of whats best for the baby.


            Im 16 and 5 months pregnant. My boyfriend is 22. My mom thought he was 19 at the time. We told her and i thought she was going to do the exact same thing. Trust me, i know exactly how you feel. She was more understanding to it than I thought. She had two choices, put him in jail for stagatory rape, or make the best of the situation and not do that. she helped him get a job and shes helping us as much as she can. Maybe your parents will understand more than you think. I was terrified when i had to tell my mom. it was the day of my surgery after a bad car accident and i was ready to be put under when they told me. i had to tell my mom that they couldnt do the surgery bc i was pregnant. she just cried and took us out to lunch and we all talked about it. i hope it works out for you [reply here] if you need anything. your not alone.

            -liss πŸ™‚

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              I know EXACTLY how you feel. I’m 16, gonna be 17 next week πŸ™‚ and my fiance is 22. I thought my mom would kill me and him. I told her that he was 22 and not 19 when we found out i was prego. She was KINDA upset at first. but now he lives with me, and after the babys born in january, we’re going to get a place. I really thought my mom would send him to jail. She is actually so supportive of it. She says "if i send him to jail, then the baby wont have a dad." and she likes him now that she knows him. He just got off paroll and he now has to serve 5 years of probation. So, his family thinks im 18 πŸ˜‰ b/c if they find out that im just turning 17, then he could go back to jail. I’m talking to an attorney and shes finding out for me if he can go to jail considering it WAS consential. Since, i was 16 at the time and not younger, then i should be able to get around the whole jail thing if anyone finds out. So, message me or sign my guest book so I can get ahold of you easier and when I find out about it, I’ll let you know πŸ™‚


                I wish my mom put my ex in jail, but I am glad in way she didn’t… I think stagitory rape in some cases is ok, but others it’s not- the child will be brought up a dad known as "jail bait"… and others… Other then that, good luck in all you do and your life!



                  Well, you say it was consentual but thats why they call it statitory rape…its consentual w/ an adult & a minor. Giving up your baby should be out of the question too, because when you see that baby believe me you will want it. Even if you dont see it…you will want it eventually! I think you just need to keep it and tell your parents. They might not even turn him in because they would want the best for the baby & for your BF to be there for the baby. I hope everything works out for you sweetie πŸ˜‰


                    I know where you are coming from as well, my fiancee was 29 and I was 15 when we first started seeing eachother, By the time I was 16, I was pg with my first baby.


                      stagetory rape is a very serious thing and even if you dont think you are a victem of it you are. you may not feel victemized but by allowing a man who was already in kindergarten when you were born to have casual sex with you is a big thing. My brother is always going after "little girls" he says that they are old enough to make the decision for themselves which may be true but I would always tell him that he is the adult and the resposible party and he should have more respect for these young girls. Please have more respect for your body I am 25 and I let guys take advantage of me for years and it caused so much emotional damage. it doesnt hurt at the time when you are having fun but after it happens over and over again you feel empty used and worthless. Also if you end up loving an older man especially with kids think about their life and how having sex with you could classify them as a sex offender for life and the harm their families will go through for it. this guy could loose his daughter over being tagged as an offender. these are big things to think about. I pray that your pregnancy will go well and that you find a good way to tell your parents. and please if they press charges on this guy …let them be your parents and let them protect you just as you would this little baby you are having πŸ™‚ take care


                        and as many of the other girls have told u, statitory rape is consentual sex between a minor and an adult (someone over 18)……so here’s a site i have given to another girl….. …… has the age of consent for each state in the US……..whereas ur 16 i don’t think ur gonna have a problem b cuz most states’ age of consent ages is 16……

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