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      im 17 and last monday i found out im pregnant, when i found out all i could do was cry. now though im getting used to the idea, and i think i love her to bits already, i know i can handle this and ill be a good mum because i was given the full version of ‘how not to bring up ur kids’ through my own childhood. i really am looking forward to it, but im sooooo scared of having a miscarraige 🙁 i keep getting small twinges where the baby is and im scared of what it means. im only 6 weeks gone at the most so i didnt think i should be feeling anything, please tell me what this is coz im getting quite worried for my baby 🙁



        I wouldn’t worry too much about miscarriage, unless you have extreme cramps and or bleeding. I felt some twinges also in early pregnancy. The doctor said it was probably just the uterus strateching a little bit as it begins to expand with the baby and placenta. Have you set up your first prenatal appointment with a doctor? Getting good and early prenatal care would be a good first step. Find a doctor that you can trust and don’t feel afraid to ask lots of questions. Good luck.


      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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