spicy food?

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      so if your pregnant..and you eat REALLY spicy things…is that bad for the baby?

      just something i have always wondered..


        No, it is not bad for the baby. I eat so much spicy foods too. you can eat anything except too much sweets/candy and caffeine.


          ive heard dat its not such a hot idea coz it will give u heartburn but i craved it and never got any side effects hehe just lucky i guess


            Not that i know of. Think of all the women that eat really hot foods in some of the countries where chillie’s and curries are part of the standard diet. They have no problems. There is an old wives tale (could work theoretically i guess) that spicy food induces labour. This works on the theory that anything which irritates the stomach irritates the uterus (possibly causing contractions). I ate spicy food when i was pregnant with my daughter and she came out fine. Eat what you usually do, its unlikely to harm the baby.


              There is many myths too spicy food. I would say like anything else eat in moderation. I dont like spicy foods but I am craving them. I got my first case of heart burn and it wasnt nice!!! So i have cut back!!! LOL


                yah.. i keep eating these spicy SPICY asian cup of noodles things.

                but i think im way to early to be having cravings…so its probably just a phase thing…

                but there so hot they burn my lips lol


                  lol i already dont favor spicy things, but i had some chilli ramen noodles (i love chilli) and ehh well lets say 5 mins later i was in the bathroom for an half an hour! spicy food doesnt digest well for me lol

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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