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      Is anyone else really scared to speak out against abortion?
      It’s just so hard, I’m doing an assignment on reproductive rights/freedoms in China, and I find it really hard to talk to the lecturer/class because I feel I will get attacked for my views.
      It’s just so hard to say, I think abortion is wrong because you get attacked.
      Is anybody else afraid of speaking out? How would I approach it and argue my case?
      I really don’t want to lose friends because they think I’m evil because I’m protesting murdering babies…sounds trippy, but it’s true:huh: .


        Wow…i have never known you to be scared about speaking about anything!
        Speak your mind. If they are your friends they will accept your views even if they dont agree with them. Lecturer’s arent allowed to critisize you, so dont worry about that. If they do complain about descrimination. Also, if you dont dumb it down, you will probably get a higher mark. Dont argue two sides, that makes it sound inconclusive. Write it how you would write anything else. I think it will be good because you have a very firm view on it.
        Good luck.


          I know how you feel… In my degree theres a lot of talk about abortion (along with embrionic stemcell research, and human cloning, but thats another story) and the majority of my classes are pro-choice. The discussion often comes up in the common room, and most of the time I just sit there and add peices of information, rather than discuss my views.

          I feel sometimes that if I said what I really believe that id be attacked for it. Its not really fair, but there a choice. You can chose to say what you think and then you will find out which friends are ones that respect you. The biggest thing is to be able to support your claims with facts, figures and evidence. If you back up your views, present them in the approperate manner, and have lots of retaliation ready, then you should be good.

          I came accross a similar thing today actually. I was having lunch with some new friends when the topic of having kids (now) came up. My 3 friends were all like "no way could I look after a kid (they are between 17 and 19), I couldnt do it, I barly look after myself. I dont want kids till im 30" Which struck me as rather interesting, as im the opposite. However, they all live at home with mum and dad, dont have there own transport (or drivers licences), nor jobs, and only one has a boyfriend. So I can kind of see where they were coming from in thinking they wernt ready to intentionally have children. Though I think they would have looked at me weirdly had I said I wanted a baby now…

          Oh well.

          Sorry for the ramble!


            personally i’m not scared to say how i feel about it. i dont agree with it & i find it quite disgusting & if it comes up in conversation i’m going to tell people straight. its your opinion & you have a right to express it & people shouldnt judge you for it. your argument will come across better if you say/write how you feel because its obviously something you are passionately against so use that to really put your point across!
            good luck with your assignment.


              I reckon just speak our mind and if they dont like it…Ignore them. Standup for your rights


                I love this quote : Stand up for what you believe in, even if your standing alone… Go by that!


                  Well….I submitted it:cheer: !
                  Wish me luck! I’ll get back to you girls what the lecturer says;) .


                    Don’t ever stop speaking out. You are the voice the world needs to hear. The difference between just saying your opion and really making an inpacked in someones life is education. If you want to tell people why abortion is wrong really know why it is wrong. Most people get that it kills a baby and that doesnt stop people. The side effects of abortion will last a life time. There is a book called Prolife answers to prochoice arguments this is writtend by Randy Alcorn. It will give the the answers to the questions people will always argue with.
                    Start by knowing the side effects of abortion. For a women the side effects are
                    Possible death. the area where the baby is growing can be damaged and internal bleeding can lead to death. Future pregnancies could range from Ectopic pregnancies, that is where the baby implants itself outside of the womb and can cause infection and has to me removed. This is twice as common in women that have had an abortion. Pelvic Inflammatory Diesease leads to fever andinfertility it is 30% higher in women that have had an abortion. One that most people have no idea is the link between breast cancer and abortion because of the hormone change in the first part of pregnancy the unnatural(different than a misscarriage) condition. If you want to know more information please let me know or read the book.

                    If someone was burning in a house wouldnt you rescue them even if everyone on block hates them. Never stop saving lives.

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