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      This is my first post here…

      My periods usually last 7 days and are heavy for half and not as heavy for the last few days. I started using tampons a few months ago so I just know how heavy it is by how much the tampon is absorbed…duh, right. Well me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex towards the beginning of Feb. Most of it didn’t get in. Then came the time for my period on the 22nd of Feb. My period came a little late but I had lost perfect track…well I figured I did. But my period was late, and soo soo sooooo short. BARELY ANYTHING…spotting. Not one tampon was full. I had some cramps too. Next week my period should come should I take a pregnancy test now or wait until i miss a period? Can I spot again and still be pregnant? Which test should I use?


        well if u want to be completely sure go get a Blood test u will know right away and it is 100% accurate 🙂 good luck


          Yes you should use a test…. most home pregnancy tests are pretty acurate these days but use a brand name if you are looking for the best accuracy available…also you can go to the doctor and get a blood test done they are the most acurate. If finances or medical are an issue try looking for a pregnancy recourse center or a caring pregnancy center…most even have ultrasounds now and they are free 🙂


            Any test is good, but you may not be pregnant. If you are stressing about it then that can happen. May wait another week and see if your period comes back if nothing take a test or go to your doctor…. Good luck!!!


              this is goin on with me too. me and my boyfriend had sex on Feb 10 and my period usually starts on the 1st or 2nd of each week and last for about 5-7 days and the first days are pretty heavy and i have horrible cramps. well we used condoms but i am not on birth control. and the whole month i was really tired, moody, neasous randomally and i would have dizzy spells for no reason…then i was a week late on my period and i started having horrible cramps but nothing happened just one spot of brown blood. then at the end of the next day i started but it was not really heavy and it lasted for 2 days and i had no cramps at all which was really odd!! and on the 3rd day i just had a little spotting…now its march 23 and i still feel like this except now my nipples are sore to the touch and seem bigger…i dont know if i am just scaring myself…do you think i should just wait to see if i start in the beginning of april to see if i start and if its short or i dont start take a test???





                gina lynn

                  spotting is pretty common in pregnancy, you definately might be pregnant. take a test now. and if it is neg you should take another one if you miss your next period.

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