sooo i think im pregnant.. any advice please!

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      OK ladies i really need advice… i hvae my second to last period around sept 22 then i thought i got pregnant around the begining of Oct. I was really sick, puking, peeing, alot, all i wanted to do was sleep, my boobs were sore and itchy.. then next thing you know i got my period but it was really light and it stayed for like 9 days! thats never happened.. but i still have all those symptoms and more! I get dizzy, feel so bloated.. HELP ME! I took a pregnancy test around the 20th of Oct. but it said Neg. Should i take another? do you think im pregnant or just over reacting?


        If you have had sex and you are having these symptoms then there is a chance you could be pregnant….here is a number for Optionline 1-800-395-HELP, call them and they can give you the number and location for a pregnancy center where you can get a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL test, most of them have ultrasounds now and if you are a certain amount of days late without a positive test they will sometimes do an ultrasound to check….how many days late are you?? I hope you call this number and get some answers….remember that the only 100% way to guarantee you wont get pregnant to to practice abstinence, it is not always the most "fun" way but it is the safest way to protect yourself from unplanned pregnancies and from disease….let us all know what happens..Love Meg


          Thanks babe for your support!


            this is no advice but im having the same thing happening to me and i havent had this happen to me befor….. i missed my period i get moody and im so tierd all i think of is sleep 😆 i’v been drinking coffe like its water. I might be over reacting but then i think is there somthing in my tummy :)It was weird cuase i thought i started my period but it lasted 3 days and i had no cramping…. well write back soon so maybe we can talk…. love linda


              same thing happened with me this month! i really had a lot of symptoms that i never get on my period.. just like yours.. and i got my period but it was a lot different.. like darker blood.. and its been going for like 10 days really super light. weird huh. i took a test too but before i actually got my period so it said neg. oh well.. well if ur prego let me know! cuz i might need to take another lol

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