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      so i am 15 yeah now you’re thinking why in the heck are you on this website,,, i am 11 weeks and a day pregnant and i haven’t told my mother i have known since i was like 5 weeks. Since i have went six weeks knowing that i was pregnant mom is going to freak. Do you know whats worse my boyfriend and i can’t talk like his parents and my parents:dry: don’t like each other and his parents don’t African American people which i am part black and Dominican so they really don’t like me. They know i am pregnant and they don’t care because in their eyes my baby is white….. and once i have it they plan on trying to get my child,,,,, So i have nowhere to turn please help :dry:


        As long as you provide for your baby and make good choices they usually wont take a baby from the mom…you need to tell your mom so you can start getting prenatal care…as for the racial issue shame on them…just keep treating them how you would want to be treated and let them judge if they want but dont give them a reason to and dont fuel their fire…just take care of you and the baby and please tell your mom even if you will get in trouble…Meg


          Hi, Tiffany
          I don’t know what you’re mom is like, but it sounds like you need her right now, and if things go really bad there are places to go you can call any of the helpline numbers on here and they can find a safe place for you to go and counsling. And for you’re boyfriends raciest parents they really don’t have any rights to you’re baby. And I say you’re pic and that baby is not coming out white. I was married to a raciest wife beater at seventeen and people like that are straight crazy. I wouldn’t let them near you’re baby!! I hope everthing works out for you!


            I’m sorry to hear that you are in such a tough situation, but if i were you… I would tell me mom before things get out of control with your b/f’s parents. They can’t take your baby unless they prove that you are an unfit mother. and just because your 15 doesn’t make you unfit. But you really do need your mom to help you out with this….. If she helps take care of you, and supports you, then there is no way they (your bf’s parents) will be able to take your child. Just talk to her….. and let me know how things work out.
            And by the way…. my name is tiffany, and you can talk to me anytime you need too. 🙂


              hey there, my name is Sarah, I am 14 and 37 weeks pregnant. I would tell your mom right away now, especially with you bein11 weeks already…I do hope she will understand after the shock has worn off. Really girl, just tell her and let her know you want to keep your baby, I would not even worry about your bf’s parents, as long as you dont sign him as the father than they cant get your baby. And as long as you can take care of your baby and provide everything that it needs, they wont take it from you! Hope everything goes well and if you need someone to talk to, I am here!


                not to sound mean but ur making ur situaiton tougher on u by NOT telling ur mom…she can help u…u need to tell her….

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