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      my mom told my brother who told my fiance who told me that my mom thinks im pregnant, and getting “bigger” I have been gaining weight all year but this past two weeks i’ve gained 6 pounds!!!

      I just got off birth control and plan to get back on it on sunday. i took a preg test and it had a malfunction in it so I wasted five bucks…advice??? help me….

      frantically asking,


        Well if you think you could be pregnant the best thing you can do is to abstain from sex at least until you know for sure one way or the other, that way if you are not pregnant you will not become pregnant in the waiting time, second do not start any form of contraceptives until you know that you are not pregnant, there are many contraceptives that can harm an unborn baby, I would also encourage you to maybe wait until you guys are married to have sex, if you are already engaged why not wait and make your wedding night extra special? That way there will be no more “talk” and no more pregnancy scares in the meantime and you can plan your wedding without the stresses of not knowing, wedding planing can be crazy, I did it with two kids and my husband had a son, he had been married before but I had my kids out of wedlock, however we did not have sex until our wedding night and it was so worth the wait!! Just some advice that I have lived out myself, Love Meg


          If you are pregnant you can actually feel it. And trust me the feeling sucks! You feel tired and your breast is growing large and sometimes painful. I am 2 moths pregnant and I’m 20. When I was 1 month delay in menstruation, there I feared I am pg! But I kept denying it, I thought I was just sick because I get dizzy most of the time and I feel like vomiting! my appetite changed and I get a lot of heart burns! Then I thought of buying a PT and I was pleased with only one line that appeared then another line was showing up slowly. I almost faint with the result! My knees went weak and my heart pounded so hard then I started crying. Because I know I’m doomed. Lucky you you have a fiance who can support you through whatever. Unlike for some… hmmm… well you can’t just gain 6 pounds without feeling any changes in your body if your pregnant. Good Luck!


            We are engaged, and I had a sexual experience prior to my fiance. I don’t think we are going to stop having sex… maybe not as much sex but Im positive we will still have sex… Not that I don’t like your advice, So thank you 🙂 And in what way do contreceptives harm babies?


              First I wanted to make a comment to Jenzterrific, Why do you think you are doomed because you are pregnant? Are you alone, if so I am sorry to hear of your situation, I was single and alone through two of my pregnancies and I know that it can be lonely and depressing but trust me, your life is not over, this baby will be your life, you will find so much joy in being a mommy, yes there are hard days, especially if you are going it alone as a single mom but the rewards will come down the road and you will be so thankful for this little life inside of you and you will be proud of yourself for Standing Up and being the mommy you are….I am here if you ever need to or want to talk, I understand where you are at….now to answer Mayluvator, I thank you for acknowledging my advice and I acknowledge that you have your own decisions to make and respect that, even if someone doesn’t agree with my advice for them I still feel obligated to share what helped me and what I believe to be the best choices for the circumstance….so its all good!! Anyways there are a lot of chemical/hormonal birth control methods, pills shots, implants, etc, that are designed to first prevent you from ovulating, if that fails then the next way they work is to not allow a fertilized egg, aka baby, to implant, the definition of pregnancy has been changed from conception to implantation, I believe that pregnancy and life starts at the very split moment of conception but it can take somewhere around two weeks for the baby to implant, if the BC is causing your body to reject that baby upon attempt to implant then I believe that the BC method is an abortificient meaning it causes an abortion without even knowing that you were pregnant, now if these forms of BC can do this to a baby in the process of implanting then what are the chances that taking a form of BC while your baby is safe and sound in the lining of your uterus can cause harm to your child, I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice but I would not want to put something in my body that prevents pregnancy even by causing abortion to occur if I thought that I had a little life growing and striving to live inside of me….you can do more research but pay close attention to where the info you find is coming from, like I said they have changed the definition of pregnancy to implantation so if you are not reading between the lines then you will not see how the BC REALLY works…I hope this helps and I hope you let us all know what you find out, but please if nothing else wait till you know for sure before you have sex again and before you look into taking BC…Love Meg


                thanks for both of your advice!

                I have not had sex today wich is good for me 🙂 Usually I do every sat and sun!

                I am a housekeeper and I am around chemicals, But I am not going to quit my job untill I am for sure, I’ve decided to hold off on the birthcontrol untill I can buy another test wich may be the 16th, but Idk if I can not have sex untill then but i’ll be more carefull! thank you guys for reading! 🙂 When does your stomache start to grow, get chubby or anything?

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