soo im having!!!!

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      we had a scare i had to have a level 2 ultra sound beacue i was told my baby i has a high chance for open neural tube defect… well we went and every thing looked fine and i found out i was having a boy! the ultra sound usualy takes 30 min but it took an hour and 15 min for us cuz aj wouldnt stop moving the lady told us he was the most active baby she has ever seen thats the 2nd person to tell me that! i have to go back at 31 weeks to make sure he is still growing becaue there is something with my placenta that teh baby might not get enough of what he need at the end and that could stop him fromm growing forcing me to have him earily but i think it will be fine!

      i cant wait for aj to be here


        just be positive babe! everything will be fine.
        your baby will be fine to.
        dont you think its just so amazing to have that bby inside?

        good luck. keep us posted

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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