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      Im 18 and 2 weeks late, I could be pregnant.
      I havent taken a test yet, I was advised by a friend to wait two weeks as thats what she did.
      Ive been feelin really ill early morning & late at night, have put on a lot weight and am eating more. Im tired a lot and get dizzy or headaches a lot too.Also my breasts are sore.

      Me and my boyfriend aren’t gettin along well [unrelated to this] and havent been for a while. I think we might break up.

      any advice? I have no idea whether those are real symptoms or what to do about it??




        Everyone pregnancy is different I say go by a HPT and see what the results are so that way u wont be so far along without prenantal care just in case u are. Good luck 🙂


          you really didnt have to wait two weeks after your period thats just what she wanted to do. But i think you should test now…and if it come out positive maybe things will work out with you and your boyfriend


            im in the same situation, i was supposed to get my period about a week ago and it hasnt shown up yet, i took a test 3 days before my period was supposed to be here and it said negative so i asked my aunt and she said wait 2 more week beacuse my body might not have produced enough of the pregnancy hormone for a test to pick up. My suggestion is go to maybe a walk in clinic and ask for a test(most of the time,pregnancy test are free)

            good luck!


              Thank you 🙂
              so i went out and got a test yesterday after i read your posts. took it this morning… Positive.

              Now i really dont know what to do 🙁

              I told my mum straight away.. wanted to get it over with to be honest. she was so nice! she keeps tellin me she’ll support me whatever i choose. Only thing is she also keeps advising me to have an abortion :unsure:
              she said altho she doesnt support abortion she thinks it’d be the right thing to do in my situation.. she was forced into one at 16 by her mother.

              in an ideal world id like to keep the baby but i know id never be able to afford to give it a good life..

              I dont know what to do! advice please? anyone? :dry:

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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