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      Ok so I was a week late for my pd and it finally came today. however, something is definately not right about my pd. usually i get dull cramps and bleed very heavily my first day but all day i’ve been bleeding very lightly different colors and an extreme tight feeling in my lower abdomen. Sometimes the pain is too much to even move. Or i feel liked im going to throw up.

      what could this be? any answers will be helpful


        hi hun, maybe it implantation bleeding, you could be pregnant, get a preggies test just to be sure.:)


          i agree take a preg test so you can calm your mind.


            the best advice anyone can give you in this situation is to take a test and wish you the best of luck no matter the out come


              thanks for the replies! so my cycle continued as normal however i still have a cramping pain on my right side and my stomach has hardened. waiting for this week to hurry and end :S


                Hi I know it’s been 7 months since you asked this question Mrs.Chrome,but I wanted to write this incase you come back to read it.An you’ve probably found out already what was wrong by now or so I would hope any way but just incase you haven’t.My personal opinion in this matter is that is could very well have been an ectopic pregnancy.of course either way it is the past now.But still I wish you the best of luck with any pregnancy you might have in the future.


                  you neeed to get a prego test ASAP

                Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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