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      This morning I felt so weard, not like other days. I thought it was something new in my pregnancy. I didn’t get worried. Untill about thirty minutes ago when I realised I didn’t felt my baby moving at all this day. I called my doctor and he’s gonna look TOMORROW!? I’m só worried there’s something wrong. Véry wrong.



        I’m not a huge fan of doctors but there really may not be much to worry about. Your baby doesn’t have t be all boisterous all the time and may be just resting at this point, preparing for the big day when you get to meet each other.

        Again, will be praying for you.



          there will be days were your baby won’t move alll day the baby is just having a lazy day i think it will be ok keep us posted


            I’ve had that happen before as well, don’t worry Baby is just taking it easy. I spent the whole day worrying and almost completely lost it because I felt n-o-t-h-i-n-g at all and it was very very alarming. The next day though Baby was back up and running and it all went fine from there on. As long as you haven’t expirienced any horrible pains or bleeding of some sort I think you should be alright. Tell me how things go sweetie.


              You were right 😉 Everything was fine! I’m só happy

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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