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      do you get pregnancy symtoms before your missed period?


        Hi Jessica,yes you can get symptoms before missing a period-with my first3pregnanciesI KNEW I was pregnant before my AF,I was exhausted and nauseas.This time around I am2weeks late have had7 HPT positive but 2 negative tests via my GP.I am very confused and concerned about whats going on:(Has anyone any advice?I have no symptoms like before cept for tiredness and irritability!Be grateful for any advice or shared experiances.What are your signs Jessica?


          Some people do some people don’t.


            well, im very very dizzy, i feel like im going to puke at random times of the day, i have slight cramping and my boobs are a little bit sore…this is very rare for me because before i start my period i never feel it coming, it just happens. i took a test a few days ago and it said negative, but my period isnt due till next week. so right now i have no clue what to think….


              i started my my period a week early. or what i thought was my period. but it started out just like implantational bleeding. its weird i dont bleed at all but spot but when i go to the bath room a clot of blood comes out. like pinkish reddish. i have no cramping. just headaches nausea and sore boobs.:blush:


                is cramping normal??


                  yes you can have symptoms before your missed period. i didnt even suspect pregnancy as a possibility until mine was missed for 3 weeks but you can def have them.


                    Hi…ok wow! I think you HAVE to see your doctor again!!


                      Hi I’m nono (21 years)
                      Please can you advice on what are the causes of miscarrage?!!
                      My boyfriend and i are getting married after the birth of or our new born baby and please i don’t wanna loose my precious baby!!!


                        hi, i am 18, 19 in two months and had 3 miscarriages in the past year, i really do want a baby more than anything but it just doesnt seem to work for me though i dont have a clue to whats wrong with my body. so if anyone knows how to avoid the caues of miscarriage please give me some advice and by the way the signs of miscarring are bad obdominal pains, brown blood stains, blood coming out in clots, also some women can feel when something isnt right i did with my second miscarriage.

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