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      [color=#FF0000]ok, sorry if this is a massive ramble on about a loada stuff that aint really important, but i’ll try to make it as helpful as poss for anyone to give me advice.
      i have been on here before btw πŸ™‚

      ok so here’s the deal, i had my daughter 8 weeks ago, a beautiful little girl called ella. now that is not what i need help with.

      i bled for about 2 1/2 weeks then completely stopped, a day after that i got my period and it lasted for 3 days.

      a couple of days after that, me and my partner started having unprotected sex. so for about 5 weeks now we have constantly been having unprotected sex, i’d say nearly every night and sometimes in the mornings too.

      i took a preg test a couple of weeks ago and it said it was neg, and also last week my doctor made me take a test when i went for my 6 week check up and it was also neg. but she did say that i still could be preg coz it takes like 2 weeks to show if you are or not.

      i have a couple of symptoms:
      for the last like 3-4 weeks i have been craving sugary foods, sweets and ice cream.
      i had cramping in my tummy the day before yesterday, but no period.
      and the last couple of days i have also noticed my belly getting bigger.

      what are the chance i am preg again?
      coz i know i’m at my most fertile atm coz i’ve just had a baby and stuff.

      i just want opinions, we are not having sex till the 3rd sept now and i’m taking a test then to find out, coz it will deffo show up by then. but just wanted to knows what you guys think, coz you all helped me so much thru my pregnancy with ella πŸ˜€

      thanks in advance.
      love from Charlotte & Ella xxx[/color]


        Hey Charlotte, My name is Meg and I want to say that I am so happy that things are going well with Ella, now for the other business. I think it is wise and responsible to not have sex right now, even if it is only till the 3rd it is the right thing to do. This way your body can catch up and have the chance to let you know what is going on without the chance of becoming pregnant in the process (if you are not now) I have never heard of not bleeding the whole 6 weeks after birth, I have had 3 kids and I bled for 6 weeks to the day after each of them, so with that it sounds like your body is up to something. It is a good thing you have your doctor taking care of all this for now it is just the waiting game, in this time it would be a good idea to plan, what if you are pregnant, what is the plan, what if you are not pregnant, what is the plan. Are you two thinking of marriage at all? Is your family being supportive of you now and have you talked to them about potentially being pregnant again, will their support end if you are? These are all things to think about. So if you are thinking of marriage maybe you should wait to have sex again until your wedding night, make it more exciting and special and then you are not risking pregnancy in the meantime, if you are not planning on getting married then it might be a good idea to not have sex, if you don’t want to get married then you don’t want to end up pregnant again….just a lot to think about…please let me know what happens and if you have any questions or answers to what I shared…and once again congrats on Ella and enjoy her being a little bundle of love, oh I miss having a tiny one, my youngest is not over a year and she hardly lets me hold her now….tear!! Love Meg


          like i said prevoiusly, we are NOT having sex now till the 3rd.

          1) if i am pregnant them we will have this baby.

          2) if i am not pregnant them i am going on the pill for 3 months then we are trying for another baby.

          3) we are engaged, so yes we are thinking of marriage.

          4)my family was not supportive of my pregnancy with ella, but they are now very supportive.

          5) i don’t know how they will react if i am pregnant again, as they don’t like my fiance.

          6) we actually want more kids, so to be honest i am hoping that i am pregnant.

          we have already picked out names for future kids and have discussed how we are going to decorate.

          we know we can cope financially, and we have been thru so much together that we know we can easily handle another baby right now.

          if i am pregnant, i am approx 5 weeks gone.

          with ella i knew when i was 3 weeks pregnant that i was, i just had a feeling. i am getting that very same feeling at the mo, so i think i am. still gonna wait till the 3rd to test tho πŸ™‚

          love from Char, Matt, Ella &+ *possibly bump no.2* xxx


            My big advice to you if you are not pregnant… I know that you may want another baby right now, but WAIT. WAIT. WAIT. WAIT! Your daughter is so young… she needs all of your attention right now. Just focus on her and give her what she needs. When she gets a little older, THEN have another baby. Plus, if you’re engaged then what’s wrong with waiting a little longer until you’re married?

            Good luck either way!


              i’ve taken numerous tests that all say neg, but i just have that ‘feeling’ again that i am preg. i’m waiting a couple of weeks to test again now. we are thinking of marriage and both want a abig family and we are both hoping i am preg again. x


                You need to schedule an appointment with a doctor. That’s seriously your only best bet to getting an accurate result.


                  no i don’t wanna do that, coz my doctor just looks down her nose at me at the thought i could be preg again. it sickens me why doctors pass judgement on young girls like that, i am living my life how i want it to be x


                    well you just had a baby not to long ago and at this time right now your body is still out of wake with hormones ect,and it is very easy to get pregnant right after you have a baby because your body has put off the pregnacy hormone for so long I don’t think theirs nothing you can really do at this point just play it by ear and wait it out but weather the test is – or + I would still go to a doctor and find out for sure because the at home test are not always right ~Mommy@19


                      If I were you I would find another doctor


                        i’m gonna wait till the 13th and test again, then if it’s still neg and no sign of my period then i’m gonna go docs πŸ™‚ x


                          Hi πŸ™‚ I’m 34 yrs old and have got 5 kids…my youngest is 17 months and my other babies before her are 12, 15, 16 & 18yrs old…not really babies anymore huh but they’ll always be my babies to me lol. It really is great having a big family…However, I’d advise to wait at least 2 years in between each baby…a few reasons being 1. Your body needs time to heal 2. If they’re too close in age its like double trouble when they’re toddlers running around and trying to get into everything…and is even worse when they both hit the hormonal stage together lol…but the main reason being that babies really need and benefit from their parents full love and attention and when another baby is born so close to the first baby…the first baby usually ends up missing out on some much needed mummy time because you are too busy catering to the needs of the new baby…I know this first hand because as u can see my older 4 are quite close in age and at the time I didn’t think they were missing out on anything…but as I have just recently had another baby I can tell how much more she benefits from having my full attention and time…

                          Just take time…if you’re getting married there really is no hurry…just enjoy the new baby that you have now…cherish this time because they grow so fast πŸ™‚

                          All the best


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