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      I dont know what to do. I have a sweet two year old little girl her name is kathryn and she just wont sleep. She has a new found fear of her crib. its only during nihgt time but when i go to lay her down she SCREAMS. not just whines or cries but she SCREAMS. i dont know whats going on i dont think this is normal and im really worried. Its started two weeks ago after i took her to her daddies house for a three days. im so confused and i dont know what to do with her nothing i do will comfort her she has just been sleeping with her nana.


        have you mayb asked her dad wat might have happened? try to explain to her that its ok. give her a favorite blanket or toy to sleep wit. read a book before she goes to bed. there might be ants or something biting her. change her covers or wash them.
        she might just not be feeling well. i dnt know. those are all the things i would try. hope it gave you some ideas.


          the only things i can think of is something happend when she was at her dads or she has night terrors which can be really scary for little ones…


            I think something scared her, probably at her dad’s house. What is your intuition telling you?
            Meanwhile, it would probably be best if she slept with you so she could feel a bit more safer…That’s just my opinion, because that’s what I should do. It’s not like she’s being naughty, something must have really scared her…


              Just reading about it started after she went to Daddys house it happened so its obviously stemmed from there. I say ask if he had any problems with her. If it was for attention she would be crying not screaming. Hopefully it gets sorted out.


                Im NOT trying to say the wrong thing here…. but when a baby literally screams and really doesnt want to do something.

                THATS A RED FLAG IN YOUR FACE!!!!

                seriously, a kid just doesnt start hating their crib for no reason and makes such a big deal out of it…and when you mentioned that it started after she went to her fathers…oh god my heart sank… start asking questions, seriously. ask who was there and if she was ever left alone.

                and it wouldnt hurt to take her to the doctors…

                i really hope that i didnt upset you by saying this…but you never know.

                when i was a baby i was molested by a girl!!! who would have thought??!!!!

                and btw…when i was a baby i guess i had this really bad baby sitter and when my mom would try to get my out of my crib to go to her…i would FREAK FREAK FREAK OUT…
                she never knew why untill she knew what was going on… then she realized why i freaked out so much.

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