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      Im 15, and my bf is 18.. Although we have thought i was pregnant once before, this is the first time im experiencing any symptoms. Its only been a couple of days and i have slight cramping, a higher temperature and although i havnt actually thrown up, i feel very nasuous, i go to the washroom so many times, and i just have that feeling that i am in fact pregnant.
      When this happend the first time, my sister was very much for abortion, although im shure that if my parents knew, they would never tell me to kill my child seeing as i am against abortion.
      Problem is, my bf has to leave the country. I want to go with him if i am pregnant to raise our baby but i just dont know how to tell my parents and how they will react.. HELP! Anybodyyy!


        well maybe you should take a pregnancy test


          Take a pregnancy test, you can find them at the dollar store for a buck of course, or dollar general for four dollars. Make sure you buy two so you can get an accurate result. And if you still thing your pregnant after you can try the local health department or your doctor for a blood test which has a higher accuracy rate.

          Good luck:/

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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