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      I made a little video for those of you considering abortion. I am FAR from perfect, and when I made the choice not to abort I didn’t even believe in much of anything, but I was raised in a Christian home. I hope this video sums up how I feel without sounding "preachy". I usually don’t discuss my feelings about why I chose to become a single mom at 19, with no where to live and no father involved and no IDEA how I was going to take care of us. I get judged a lot so I usually just keep it to myself. I hope you can take something from my video, whatever that may be.


        Wow…what a bold clear message….I am so proud of you…it has been amazing to walk these years togther…even though we are so far away….your kids are so beautiful and you are such a great mom….you take so many pictures and you do so many things with them…even though you have nothing somtimes you still have so much to give them….you have acomplished so much more than your circumstances told you that you could…you have such an amazing story and I am glad to call you my friend and so much more blessed to call you my sister in Christ….thank you for making this video…just think of how many babies you will save…I love you so much…Meg


          all i can say is wow…what a wanderful video your children are so precious and beautiful…my children mean the world to me as well and if anybody ever told me to have an abortion and kill my children i would never forgive them for thinking it..thank you so much for making such a beautiful video


            What a very powerful message done in a way that doesn’t browbeat or beg. I don’t think anyone could watch without being touched. You should submit it to some organizations. I bet they’d love it. You could also tag it as a pro life video on if you wanted to reach a broader audience.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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